Angela – Food 4 Thoughts

This is Angela’s Page From Roquetas de Mar, Almeria – Spain

Angela - A Jamaican Living in Spain
A picture of Angela taken in the Caribbean Breezer Live Music Bar Roquetas

Angela – started living in UK age  10 – Lived in Coventry….it was a culture shock!

My journey began: had to deal with the weather (lots of snow) constant badgering about colour, different schooling system……my hair became the main focus…….everybody wanted to touch it.

Moving on
Went to catering college and gained many certificates, all with credits and was joint best student of the year.

Stepping forward
London here I come…got married to Errol….had a daughter called Carlene…..worked as a catering manager for many large & medium sized companies: Royal Insurance, Distiller’s, Esselte, London University, Post Office, Trinity School and Legal & General Training Centre.

A regular visitor to the House of Commons invited by Diane Abbott MP to attend monthly business meetings “Black Women Mean Business“. Diane Abbott was one of the first inspiring person I was able to talk on many levels.

Going for the dream – Hence a Jamaican living in Spain

The main focus was to create the Caribbean Breezer Live Music Bar with Errol. Our daughter Carlene was there to help in the early stages of setting up the bar. Errol and Carlene’s performances attracted the people in large numbers….had some fantastic moments with lots of fun and laughter……cocktail…. cocktail….cocktails flying out the door (smile!).

To conclude: …..Start the journey…….step forward…..go for your dreams….believe in yourself.

Popular Cocktails – You really
need to taste one of these!!

Caribbean Breezer

Sex on the beach

Blue Moon

Pina Colada

Green Lizard

Planter Punch

Then eat some of my mouth
watering Jerk Chicken!!

Angela is available for Party Bookings
at Caribbean Breezer for theme nights plus
great music with Errol Ross.

Also available for private parties
Watch this space eBook coming soon…….

Personal Interests

Never give up
“The only time you need to keep pushing on is when you want to,  and when you don’t
so never give up”

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
The Greatest Miracle in the World by OG  Mandino
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Food 4 Thought

I am starting a new section in MyBlog called ‘Food 4 Thought’ . I will be conducting a brief interview and  would love for my network to get to know you & and your choice in food and drinks. Your content will be placed under my: ‘Food 4 Thought’ segment where I will feature one person’s thoughts daily.

You can click any of the pics below to read the person’s Food 4 Thought Feature. If you want to see the latest  feature,  always click on the last ‘Food 4 Thoughts’ photo (below) & everything will appear before your eyes!





Angela & Darrell

"Trying Times"

16 comments on “Angela – Food 4 Thoughts

  1. Wow!! What a great read! I’d love to see more of your cocktails & dishes…they look amazing…truly!

    Life looks exciting for you! Your story motivates me.

    God Bless,

    C x

  2. I always thought you were amazing Angie!! Your food is so yummy and the Playa Serena was my favourite cocktail! Happy Mother’s day for yesterday. X

  3. made jerk chik and rice and peas, not a patch on Angelas fantastic cuisine…. the recipients loved it and its now on the weekly menu at home. i honestly felt like id been to jamaica for a week instead of almeria xx love to alll

    • My little sis what can i say … for once i am stuck for words. You look sharp baby but i know you are my sis.. family connection. Tash looks great iams o proud to be aunt..

      love you all peace out Angie big sis.

  4. Great job mummy!! So proud of you…

    May I suggest ‘Wake Up & Start Dreaming’ (I believe it was called), to your MyBooks segment…it was a very inspiring read you gave me.

    Love you,

    C x

  5. Hi cousin Angela,

    I’ve heard about you for years. Hope to actually meet you soon. Carlene gave me your link. I’m your aunt Seta’s daughter. Congratulations on your adventure in Spain. All the best!!

  6. Hi Angela, this was a wonderful article. I have been honored to have met you beautiful daughter Carlene, you must be proud. Carlene is a wonderful young woman and a darling to be around with her bubbling personality. I would love to come to Span and one day me you and her dad. God bless you both. Cheers.

  7. Hi Pat – sorry for taking so long to reply, better late than never. T hank you for taking time out to read my blog. As for my daughter carlene, this might sound corny but i love her to pieces, this is what you call unconditional love, she will always be my princess. I look forward to meeting you one day and to try out your lovely gears.

    Peace Angie

  8. Hi cousin debbie, good hearing from you. So far so good.

    World is upside down at the moment but fortunately we have to stay strong and keep keeping on.

    Love you babes – we will keep in touch.


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