A Day Out in Almeria Spain

A Day Out in the Province of Almeria

 Errol and Angie - A Day Out in Spain

Errol and Angie - A Day Out in Spain

At this time of year Angela and I like to take a day out…..a chance to discover this wonderful country we live in. Its 12 noon…ready or not it’s time to go our friends are waiting for us, so we venture out into the midday sun. So nice to sit in the back seat of the car, take in the scenery, in good company and friends.

We drive through Roquetas on to the highway heading towards the airport and the along the coast road to Cabo de Gata Natural park.  Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park is the first marine-terrestrial Natural Park of Andalusia. Driving on this road brought back memories from 5 yrs ago when we first discovered this beautiful part of Spain. We still didn’t know where we were going to …all we knew was we are going to eat some fish with our friends, and I love fish.

A Dayout in Spain

One comment on “A Day Out in Almeria Spain

  1. Hi all you boys and girls who have visited Almeria………..tell us of your ideal day out……if you have pics send them to me…. I will update this page with the best submitted story each week.

    Send info


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