A Jamaican Family Living in Spain

Errol - Live at Caribbean Breezer

Errol – My Journey to Spain
Back in the 1985 I made my first journey to Spain and got hooked on the idea of living a life in the sun. At that time I was producing young up coming singers and bands and writing songs of my own. A friend called Peter Pitts invite me over to his finca in Sotogrande to decide what I wanted to do with my career and what I would need to achieve this. He also had a boat so gave me the choice of staying on the boat or living with them on the finca………Ok I chose the boat.

Mel’s Beach Party
At that time every Sunday afternoon was spent at Mel’s Beach Party………all the musicians from Malaga to Gibraltar were there, visiting celebrities when there, club owners and everyone else who was around……it was brilliant!. So when I when on stage and sung Bob Marley…..it was different and special. I was offered work from bar & club owner…..I was able to put together a band from the musicians I had see and heard playing on stage……so the boat was rocking with my little studio and music playing. My 2 week holiday lasted 3 years…….I wanted to move to Spain then.

My Proper Job
One reason we didn’t move to Spain in the 80’s was due to the fact that we had a good family base in the UK, a young daughter who was in a good school and so we decided to wait until she finished schooling. I decided to stay in the UK with my girls (wife and daughter). That meant I had to get a “Proper Job”. All I knew was music…I had experience as a musician, sound engineer, music producer and live performer. The Sampler, Polyphonic Synthesizers and Drum Machines were entering the recording studio, so I decided to retrained as a teacher, teaching Sound engineering and Music Technology. I went on to further training and gained my qualifications as an NVQ Assessor of  Information Technology, Music Technology and Sound engineering.

Finally in Spain
The final year in the UK was very stressful….loosing my dad, helping my mother to readjust her life and moving country……very stressful. I went on the internet and found a route to Roquetas. Angela and I  loaded our personal items in the seven seated, (our furniture and the big stuff was in the hands of the removal company) so we are on our way to Spain at last!!. Thinking about what we could do in Spain we decided to set up The Caribbean Breezer Live Music Bar in Roquetas de Mar. The original idea behind bar was to create a place where people from around the world can come to chill out, have a drink, have something to eat and listen to good live music. In Jamaica our motto is “Out of Many, One People” at Caribbean Breezer or motto is “Everything is Everything – A Warm Welcome for Everyone”. Errol Live at Caribbean Breezer

Errol Ross Mellow Moods CD Click Picture to hear Sound Samples

I have always been around music since I started playing bass guitar aged 18. My first trip abroad was 6 months in Hong Kong playing in a night club. It was amazing to think we were all there….a 7 piece band, all expenses paid……surrounded by new and exiting places…..it was the first step toward the dream of making a living playing music. The second step towards the dream was becoming a studio engineer and working at Free Range Studio, Covent Garden in London. It was great….I knew many of the local musicians and they knew of my music and engineering skills. I think also they felt comfortable to work with me…..writing and recording their own songs.

After many frustrating years of trying to make it in the UK, success finally came with the production of the “Too Pressure Album by the Selecter”.  I was awarded a Silver and Gold Discs by the BPI in recognition of record sales. This was a very interesting period in my career. After the break up of the band, I continued working in my studio developing up and coming bands and writing songs of my own. I spent a lot of time in studios creating music in the UK and in Holland. During all this time, I had one silent observer…..Carlene……she was clocking everything as a child, and Angela who has been with me all the way. It was during this time that I made My Journey to Spain.

Early musical influences include:

5 mins 2 Shine

Here we feature musicians, entertainers and media personalities living or connected to someone living in Spain. You can click any of the pics below to read the person’s 5mins 2 Shine Feature. If you want to see the latest  feature,  always click on the last ‘5mins 2 shine’ photo (below) & everything will appear before your eyes!

Mel Williams

Martyn Wood---A-handfull

Martyn Wood---A-handfull

Saeko Hamada

Saeko Hamada







Sue from Living Design

Sue from Living Design


Rhiannon Tree

21 comments on “A Jamaican Family Living in Spain

  1. Dope!!! Whoop whoop…this is so exciting.

    That was a very insightful & for me, ‘educational’ read. This is what I’m talking about dad. This is it!

    Love you,

    C x

  2. well if i say somthing about that no, it will be to late cause I am sombody who has been living this creation everyday, and everyday somthing more professional . It s just amazing – all the best. youssef

  3. Thank you my friend. We like to thank you for the times together and for your hard work helping to create the new Caribbean Breezer Bar. We miss you.
    One Love…..Errol

  4. I’ve already put a memory jogger on your Facebook page, so here’s another one.
    You wanted to do something on Gibraltar tv, so I contacted a presenter I knew (Susan??) who arranged for you to perform your new single on air.
    I went with you for what turned out to be a good show (apart from the camera man who thought he was being creative in getting a close up of your nostrils – there’s always one isn’t there?)

  5. here’s a memory jog from late ’85. Stevie Wonder had released his new single ‘Part Time Lover’ and you wanted to put it in your act. You laid down drums and keyboard and asked me to come over to your boat to record a guitar track. later that night we drove to Puerto Banus to chill out (each of us driving our own red Porsches) We decided to check out Playbach piano bar (the original one, on the ground floor, front line) and as we approached the club we saw the singer just outside the doorway reading the lyrics of the song he was struggling to sing (it was probably too dark inside) when we got there he asked if you knew it and handed you the mic – it was a great entrance, the customers inside were gobsmacked as you strode in singing that tune. If I remember rightly it was Jorge the Argentinian keyboards ace who was playing at the time. Love those old memories!… See More


    • No, it was definately a red Porsche 928 that you were driving. I remember it well (violins playing and lamps swinging)
      Shirley is well, not much music going on here although there is constant interest from Holland. I think she could have another hit if she were to record something good.
      Here’s another trip down memory lane. do you remember Benny the Belgium saxman.
      I recall the first time he played with your band, it was a Sunday afternoon in Estepona port and you were onstage with your band of multi-national musos.
      You were in the middle of a number when suddenly we heard an alto sax being played very sweetly from the doorway, everybody turned to look and Benny strolled onto the stage and broke into a lovely solo.
      The crowd were thrilled, however, you gave him a bollicking at the end of the number for joining in without your permission.
      From that moment on tho he became a member of the band.

  6. I just love the bit about Mel’s Beach bar, it makes me feel so good that musicians still look back at that time and realize that we were part of the Costa del Sol Live Music Revolution. Errol I just gotta come and sing in that there Bar of yours. Luv to you and your family. Mel.

  7. John Mclean was one of the musicians that helped make the Costa del Sol a great place to be in the 80’s.
    He now has a music bar in the Granada province and he told me that he remembers your multi-national band playing at Villacana in about 1987. He was working as the resident muso there at the time.

    • Hey John It was great to link up with Mel again. If you can send a link to John Mclean, I will contact him or send him to my links. Also I want to feature you on my page….what you think? you can send a message.

      One love

      Errol Ross Caribbean Breezer Live Music Bar MyBlog – A Jamaican Living in Spain

  8. Great piece Mel…It has always been a pleasure working with you.
    I reckon “Still rockin'” will be on your stone mate!!!

  9. Well there certainly are few blast from the past coast names mentioned here…. Hi to you all… and to all in Almeria and Roquetas The Mighty Pimps are Live on Fri16th at the Winter Blues Festival

  10. I think this is a great idea of youre Errol, to bring together creative people and expats living in Spain. Thank you so much for my 5 mins to shine – Onwards and Upwards !! It’s people like you that help the rest of us

    Love n hugs to you both,
    Sue, John and Jack xx

  11. Hi Errol and Angela,

    Hope you are keeping well. It was really nice spending the afternoon at your place.

    Seeing the picture of Gregory Isaacs on your site, we thought we would let you know about the concert we went to last week end.

    It was billed as Beris Hammond, but there was a performance by Gregory, and the Heptones performed. Leroy Sybles really did out do all of the artists of the night.

    We had a great evening.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Keep us in the loop.

    Lorna And Val

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