Carlene ‘QueenBrit’ Graham

I am Carlene QueenBrit Graham. Music is what I do.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!


Carlene QueenBrit Graham is one of this decade’s most innovative artists. The Singer / Songwriter / Composer / Blogger was born and bred in London, England. She grew up surrounded by musical vibes within her family. It was inevitable that she would choose her path within the music industry…

Carlene is a seasoned performer, having travelled around the world with numerous international bands such as; Spiritualized, Bugz In The Attic and The Reel People. She has also provided backing vocals for some of the world’s top recording artists including; Madonna, Shakira, Dionne Warwick, Placebo, Spiritualized, Jocelyn Brown, Alison Moyet, Mick Hucknall & Rosa López… the list goes on. As well as a host of events including singing glamour model Jordan down the isle for her wedding to Peter Andre.

She is no stranger to the business and has been the voice behind House releases which include self-penned: ‘Sunshine’ – LoveSound, ´You Got Me´ – Wipe The Needle (4th Floor Records)´Push It´ – Sterling Ensemble (Sterling Blue Music) & ´Energize´ – Mustafa (Staff Productions). Whilst solely providing the vocals for ‘Crazy´ – Elektrik DJ (Phonetic Recordings) & ´Believe In You´ – Wil Milton (Blak Ink Music).

Carlene has recently recorded & released her self penned & composed debut album @ Villalobos recording Studios, Almeria under the supervision of Errol Ross (who received his Gold & Silver discs for producing ´The Selector´- one of Ska Music´s biggest contributions to date).
Her four releases 
‘Before I Go’‘Vibrations’‘Fast Food’ & ‘No Other Choice’ have received a lot of support & positive feedback thus far.

Her versatile vocal ability enables her to compliment various musical genres. Her range encompasses Soul to House, Rock to RnB. It is with great conviction that Carlene expresses her desire to make her mark on music.


Carlene Graham Official MySpace Page


Carlene Graham Official MySpace Page

Carlene Graham Official MySpace Page

Wanna hear some House music?

Carlene Graham Official MySpace Page Comment on your fav track(s)

New Summertime’ – Carlene ft Wooden Souljah & John Storm – Studio

New Summertime' - Carlene ft Wooden Souljah & John Storm - Studio-1

So I’m sat here listening to ‘New Summertime’ – Carlene ft Wooden Souljah & John Storm…nice groove, fresh out of the studio! Watch this space y’all!! It’s coming real soon 😉

Check out this EXCLUSIVE video of one of my artists

Kissk13 (…this compilation highlights the best of his live work. Complimented by myself & Jakeya Sanders on vocals & Alex Urrego on drums, this is one act you HAVE to come & see live, no exceptions.

Kiss Live

Enjoy y’all 🙂

Have been invited by this talented lady Monifah to perform at her event tonight at: Groove

125 MacDougal Street

New York, NY 10012-1027


Y’all remember her? Could be interesting!



So, last night @ Groove was awesome! Jakeya Sanders & I tore up our rendition of ‘Killing Me Softly’ even if the band were playing at 100 miles per hour! To tell them to slow down would have been so obvious that we tried to soldier it out….never again! We sounded like chipmunks (on crack!)…oh well, on to the next one!

Tonight’s (Sat 13th) gig….gonna be fun!


Piano’s Bar and Grill

36 Broad Street, Bloomfield,

NJ 07003

973-743-7208 ‎

9pm…no cover…cheap drinks…need anymore excuses to be there?

Y’all remember the film ‘Cocktail’ with Tom Cruise back in the day? My mum & I used to love it! Well tonight, there are gonna be a selection of NJ’s finest bartenders battling it out for the Piano’s Flair Bartender Competition with cash prize! I’m gonna be opening the show & hosting/performing for the after party…not to mention tasting every single cocktail that is made!

Come through & show some love y’all…the first person that comes up to me & says “Jamaica Jamaica” will get a complimentary copy of my album & their pic up on tomorrow’s blog 😉

Much love y’all…thanks for supporting my blog y’all…250 hits in 1 day….lets do this!

Peace xx

It’s Sunday!

After having survived the latter part of the week from Wed on approx 9 hrs sleep, today is about family, giving Praise & resting. Stay Blessed 🙂 x

I’ve decided: dinner today is gonna be home fried chicken, home baked mac cheese, rice & corn-on-the-cob…mmmmmm. Did I mention that I can throw down in the kitchen, I love to cook. But then again, I did learn from the best  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MUMMY!!🙂 xxx

In the style of Missy “I Can’t Stand The Rain”

We have had torrential rain in NJ all weekend…can I tell you a secret?….I LOVE rain! My mum always told me that her mother always used to say that “rain is a Blessing”…I dunno, I guess it kinda stuck 😉

Mad love Monday….

Happy Monday y’all!! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying!

I am so happy right now…we’ve been up & running with my blog since Fri 12th & already in three days, we have generated over 550 hits…y’all are AMAZING!! Thank you so much guys. This year is gonna be mine…I’m claiming it! I can’t reach all of the people I would like to without your help, so PLEASE, tell all your peeps that Carlene Graham is about to do her thang & needs your help!

Send EVERYONE this link >>>MyBlog Carlene

Also, many thanks to those of you who have commented…don’t be shy! Express yourself & post anything you feel…I always support my friends & associates 😉 There is NO Sign-up required…which means no spam & no hassle! Just enter your name, email & type away.

I love y’all…this whole blog doo-dah is so exciting!! 🙂

God Bless

C x


Throwback of the day

So as you should all know by now, I breeeeeeathe music! As a singer, I simply cannot confine or restrict myself to any one genre…I love music period.

Starting today, I will be posting my ‘Throwback of the day’…let me know your thoughts

Today it is: ‘Dreams’ – Fleetwood Mac


Surprised? Lol…I told you, I love everything!


Check in tomorrow for my next selection.

My lil man

OMGoodness…I got so caught up in the hype that I forgot to mention our lil man Amari! He is approaching 18 months & is the TRUTH! We are so Blessed to have him in our lives. His hair is dope right!…I had acid reflux like a mofo when I was preggers!!

Such a cheeky smile! This pic was sent to me by my homegirl Milly that looks after him whilst I attend rehearsals in the evening…I’m in a few bands but all that info is coming 😉

1.21am Tues 16th…re-organizing my clothes shelf…hubby treated me to some goodies last night…Blessed xx

Taking care of my little dumplings…I have a nearly 5 yr old stepson called Delisle-he’s amazing!. They’re watching the Your Baby Can Read DVD’s…will keep you updated on their progress.

Amari's Afro

My lil man afro

Amari - laundromat




Throwback of the day


It’s Tuesday…hmmm, where should I take this?..Thinking….Ok: ‘Imagination’ – Tamia


I love this cut…I used to rinse this whole album back in the day! Love Tamia’s vox!

Tonight’s activities

As y’all may have seen in my comments, I rate Pat Brown as one of the TOP designers in America & guess what?…she’s Jamaican by way of the UK too…whoop whoop!!

Well anyway, she’s up for a fashion award tonight & I ain’t missing it for the world.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6:00pm – 11:00pm


Akai Lounge
507 Columbus Ave.(W.85th St.)
New York, NY


Music Video Live presents the S.T.R.O.B.E. Recognition Awards Bash for Fashion & Music.

The 2010 recipients are Downtown Pat Brown for ‘Most Imaginative Lingerie’ Fashion Line and Female Recording Artist Nenna Yvonne for ‘Most Exciting New Music Artist’.

The exclusive Akai Lounge will host this prestigious extravaganza.

International Super Model Sonassa CEO of SONASSA Designs will be our honored guest and presenter of this prestigious award.

Cocktails & Fine Asian Cuisine is available for Invited Guests. FLOSS Magazine, East Village Radio, Hype Hair and the media at large have been invited.

It’s a FREE event…all you gotta pay for is the Sushi if you’re peckish See y’all there


Last night’s award ceremony

Just wanna say braaap braap to Pat Brown who received her award last night…I was making so much damn noise that I couldn’t even tell to the EXACT recognition that she was awarded with but it basically summarized that she kicks ass in fashion !!…focus Carlene, focus!! Any way, here she is!! 🙂



Pat Brown

Pat Brown

The venue Akai Lounge was dope too…I’ll be back there doing a lil sumthing sumthing for a selected audience of Industry heads next Tues….watch this space!!

Throwback of the day

One of the best products from Ireland in my opinion…

‘Runaway’ – The Corrs


This is one of my firm favourites to sing when I’m doing my cabaret set….enjoy y’all!!

Back shortly with more juice!…Keep telling your peeps in the meantime, I appreciate the support 😉 Cx

A family toast

Just remembered something that my mum, dad & I always used to toast to:

“To health, wealth, love & perfect expression”

I continue to….Right, off for lunch with my husby…seafood in a cream cheese sauce, rice & sweetcorn…Peace x

Tonight’s (Wed 17th) rehearsal

So as I mentioned, I’m in a choice number of bands…all of which play with the corporate intent of gigging.

Tonight we’re recording our band demo…we like the name ‘Funktion’ but there are a couple of other bands with this name so we’re tweeking ours…will let you know final verdict 😉

The songs we’re chosen to record tonight are:

‘September’ – Earth Wind & Fire

‘Respect’ – Aretha Franklin

‘Got To Be Real’ – Cheryl Lynn

‘Let’s Stay Together’ – Al Green

‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ – Stevie Wonder

’25 or 6 to 4′ – Chicago

‘I Feel Good’ – James Brown

‘Superstition’ – Stevie Wonder

I’m looking forward to us tearing up the recording!!…Will be back with updates 🙂

Stay Blessed.

Productive day

Hey y’all…I’m on cloud 9, I don’t know why, but it feels good!

1.41am – Got home from the demo recording about 45mins ago…had a great night! We managed to do all of the songs except for ‘Got To Be Real’ cos Ms Graham over here was just not on point! I should have preserved my voice instead of pushing so hard on backing vox for Joseff…I ended up mashing up myself! Had to trade Cheryl Lynn for Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’…1 take, however…satisfied.

It’s technically Thurs 18th now so I’m gonna do my…

Throwback of the day

Right I’ve noticed that my three selections to date have featured female vocals, I gotta show some love to the fellas so the throwback of the day is:

‘Shorty Got Her Eyes On Me’ – Donell Jones

Maaaaaaaaaaan, I used to love this ish! This was the definition of RnB for me at the time. Smooth vocals, mellow vibes & ladies, is this man not fine! Lol (sorry husby!)

Goodnight, God Bless & THANK YOU for your support & positive feedback, these last few days have been a high for me. Truly appreciating life for the first time ever & it feels amazing!

Much love,

C x

FREE download

3.45am – I’m borderline delirious I’m that tired!!

Y’all are killing me with the hits!! Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

So…when we get to 1000 hits I’m gonna post one of my tracks up for free download as a token of my appreciation to y’all. It’ll be for a limited time mind you, I have a million other reasons to keep you coming back 😉

HAVE to sleep…Nighty xx

C x

Lets go!!

As promised y’all, here is a free download of one of my favourite trax!

This one is: ‘Sunshine’ – Carlene Graham ft LoveSound

Loveound is an extremely talented musician & producer that I am honoured to call my friend.

Download your asses off cos it’s only gonna be up on here until midnight (EST) Sunday 😉

Loooooooooove y’all & thank you.

C x

In the style of Flo Rida: Down load load load load load load load load!

I see you guys downloading ‘Sunshine’ to your heart’s content…I love it!

Please tell a friend to tell a friend 😉

Wait til you see what I’ve got for you when we hit 2000 hits 😉

Happy Dayzzzzzzzzz


Whoop whoop!!

So check this out! Was just on Twitter, advertising here & went looking for today’s ‘Throwback of the day’ artist – Donell Jones, after all he is one of my fav RnB singers…period.

I told him I was following & that I had featured him on my blog.

He answered:


@CarleneGraham good looking boo 9 minutes ago via Twittelator in reply to CarleneGraham

* Reply

* Retweet

So I asked him if he had passed through & he answered:


@CarleneGraham yeah I checked it out about 6 hours ago via Twittelator in reply to CarleneGraham

* Reply

* Retweet

How cool is that? The man speaks!

Much love D (Ima call him D now y’all cos I got it like that! Lol)

Real talk, follow donelljones96 on Twitter….


Friday Friday Friday!!

Well it would be an understatement to say I had a good day yest. Things are developing all over the place & I have to keep taking five minutes out here & there to pray & send up my thanks 🙂

I can’t go into too much detail at this point but my life is already changing…people are watching…people are listening…it’s my time 😉

After I’m done with this post, I’ve gotta run Downtown (y’all know I live in Newark, NJ right?)…broke my thumb nail last night…need the lovely ladies at the salon to magic me another one 😉

Then I’m in the studio with Wooden Souljah (comment #40) to finish up last weeks creation ‘New Summertime’ & get through as many others as we feel inspired to…lets go!

Tonight, been invited to a selection of events…gotta play my decision strategically…wanna go the the event that benefits me the most to be there & costs the least at the same time. Don’t get it twisted, I’m just as braasic as the next man.

Braasic = UK old skool ebonics for BROKE! Lol


Throwback of the day

Yup, no doubt in my mind…Ima take it here >>> ‘Got Til It’s Gone’ – Janet Jackson

I absolutely adore this song & vid. As if Joni Mitchell’s vocal presence wasn’t enough, Janet features one of my fav rappers Q-Tip.

An amazing track off of an amazing album (Velvet Rope).

Y’all have a Blessed day…I’m about to feel me some NJ sun.

P.S. Keep downloading ‘Sunshine’ y’all…it’s FREE. If you know someone that would appreciate the track, put ’em on, don’t be stingy!! Lol

Just scroll up to the heading ‘Lets go’ & click on the track title…easy as ABC.

Peace xx

5mins 2 Shine

Me again y’all! This is my new daily segment where everyday I will be featuring someone that I think y’all should get to know (if you don’t already!).

I will ask my guests the same 5 questions daily, giving them the chance to express themselves & let y’all know how you can reach out to them.


You guys have made this blog so hype, so quickly that I’ve had to re-arrange the organization & presentation of things a little bit cos scrolling for miles @ only DAY 19 was becoming a mission…the Lord only knows how hectic things would have become in a month from now & I know some of y’all would find it too time consuming on a daily.

SOOOOOO….in order to see the latest ‘ish’, always click on the last ‘5mins 2 shine’ photo (below) & everything will appear before your eyes 😉 With the layout like this you can always keep up-to-date with what’s going on in my world!

Love y’all…stay with me until I make it to the top & beyond.

Thank you 🙂

C x







5mins 2 Shine>>>5mins 2 Shine>>>5mins 2 Shine>>>5mins 2 Shine>>>

Leah Bennett

Leah Bennett


Marcos Luis



Shine>>>>5mins 2 Shine >>>>5mins 2 Shine>>>>



Stacy Kidd

Stacy Kidd










5mins 2 Shine>>>5mins 2 Shine>>>5mins 2 Shine>>







Shine>>>>5mins 2 Shine >>>>5mins 2 Shine>>>>



June Sullivan

June Sullivan













A.G. White

A.G. White


Buffie The Body

Buffie The Body

Francis Donkoh

Francis Donkoh

Donell Jones

Donell Jones


95 comments on “Carlene ‘QueenBrit’ Graham

  1. Just like to say I think you are brilliant….I mean to go to the USA and make things happen ….. working with 5 bands, bringing up a son and staying true to who you are is truly brilliant. keep up the good work


  2. New Summertime’ – Carlene ft Wooden Souljah & John Storm
    Thank you for the preview of your new track……It is the booooooom.
    I think you could have for first hit…God bless you for keeping on….really you are so close


  3. Hi Carlene, I just got a sneak preview of your imminent hit production! woooow it.s brilliant., congratulations.

    One love,


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  5. God Bless you Lela, I truly appreciate your words & support…it’s gonna be magic when we meet! Love you sis xx

    Uncle Cecil!!! WOW!!! So good to hear from you! How’s my cuz Marlon? Please give him my deets 😉 Thank you for your words…keep passing through. Love always xx

  6. Hey Glynis….wow, love your site! I will endeavour to keep my eyes & ears open for anyone that may require any of the services you provide 😉 P.S. Amari misses you! 😉

    Miiiiiiiiiike!! Thank you SO much for passing through! I love your work & am very excited about the projects that we are working on.

    EVERYBODY: Mike’s site is he is an extremely talented poet / artist that I have the privilege of knowing & working with…please show him some love…you won’t be disappointed 😉

    I’ll be in touch on Monday Mike with updates on our projects.

    Much love,

    C x

    • Awww, God Bless you Pat…you are an inspiration to me.

      EVERYBODY: Pat Brown is one of the world’s top designers in my opinion! I can’t wait to start wearing her designs full time! Pat’s site is I would like to stress that all of Pat’s creations are hand made…I repeat hand made! Show her some love y’all.

      C x

  7. Well..
    What can i say? My best friend Carlene.. Im so proud of you. You know how much you mean to me.
    And by the way..YOU ARE A STAR.

  8. Caaaaarlos!

    How are you doing my babes! So good to hear from you!

    Thank you for your beautiful words…I just want to shine now…life is so precious.

    I got your email & yes I will help you 😉

    God Bless,

    C x

  9. Just received am email from David Hill, CEO of The E3 Group….

    Carlene Graham is still the best ever live performer and ‘voice’ I’ve personally worked with! We had many tussles and fights but I miss her and I will always be a fan!

    David Hill (Previous Manager to Ms Graham and CEO of The E3 Group)

    Shine Brightly Young Lady! xx

    ** Thanks very much for your comment David 😉 x

  10. serieusly want to say u are a SATR ,all the best and succes to you and daddy errol .Keep doing well.youssef(joe)caribbean breezer.xx

  11. I’m on my mobile @ the mall so please excuse any typo’s & the lack of spacing! Deniiiiiiise…thanks for coming through girl, means the world. Post up your website for your radio show for us all to guuuurl 😉 Leejay, God Bless you. It’s time!! My love to your mum xxx

  12. @ Youssef…thank you so much for your kind words hun. I have nothing but respect for you for the way you helped & supported my mum & dad run their business when they needed you the most.

    You have a good heart & are a lovely soul…I look forward to seeing you again one day!

    Much love,

    C x

  13. hey sis!
    Great you finally have your own blog!
    I´m working on mine, too! Wil let you know when it´s on!
    just wanted to let you know that I have much repsect for ya and you are a role model to me going to the USA and making things happen!!
    Hope to see you soon again!
    Much love!!!

  14. Isiiiiiiiiiiii!! Hey my twin from Vienna!!

    Thank you so much for your words girl, I have nothing but love & respect for you too honey. I can’t believe we were friends for 3yrs on Myspace before we even met! Crazy huh!

    I cannot wait to see you again…like you don’t understand! This summer is gonna be a blast when you get here.

    Also, looking forward to your blog sis…you know you can post your links up on here to your heart’s content!

    Love you,

    C xx

  15. Hey girl,

    Well where to start is the problem! I’ve known you for a long time now and i can honestly say that you truly are a special woman, despite all the negativity that has crossed your path you have come up fighting for only the best. You have fought for everything and you deserve all the goodness that can be given. You will continue to do what you love with all your heart and the fight for success will endure. I wish you all the best girl (you deserve it), I know you will continue to touch many people just as you have and always do.

    I admire you Carlene. Love you girl. xxx

    From the Heart of East London

    Your Girl
    Natasha. xxx

  16. Wow…respect for your words Natasha, respect.

    We’ve been through a lot…despite everything, I never could let go of our friendship…there’s a reason.

    As I’ve said before, you are one of the most talented vocalists I know…I’ve made the same statement for 12yrs. When your time comes, it’s gonna be a special thing. I look forward to being a part of it 😉

    Stay focused Tash….you hear me girl?

    Love always,

    C x

  17. Amen to that, we definitely have something strong girl. Lets hope we go strong again…x

    12 years did you say? now that is long, cant believe it, then again it was way back when Hackney Empire was getting smashed by the biggest and best vocalist ever…lol

    Thanks Carls, when you say something I know its for real. You know you’ll be part of whatever I do Carlene, I will most definitely need your guidance here and there.

    Focused… I hear you. x

    Give little man a kiss for me.

    Love T x

  18. Hey Carlene, yes it’s all looking good. keep doing your thing, don’t worry about “making it” because you already have. ur living the best of lives right now with your loving family and able to make music as well, can’t get any better than that.

    Amari is growing fast now, you and Andre must be so proud.

    Can’t wait for the day when we get to play together again, oh yes that will be something


  19. @ Natasha…again, thank you…it’s all about keeping things 100 now, you dig? Once I get my plans in motion, we’ll talk. Have big ideas for you!

    C x

  20. @ Paul…miss you SO much! I can’t wait for that day either!

    You are the don when it comes to music & you taught me so much about artists & music that I never would have considered.

    Dre & I are very proud, yes! Amari is just devine!

    Love you loads…please feel free to post all your links on here 😉

    Love you,

    C x

  21. Hey Love,

    I just wanted to say that I had soooooo much fun last night at the session with you and the band…you’re such a sweet spirit and a BLAST to work with! Can’t wait to start giggin…I’M MADD EXCITED OVER HERE lol!! Nice page btw…TTYL



  22. Keep up all the good work!! When I have a little bit more time I’ll check out everything!!! much love and support!!!!!!

  23. @ Joseff….you da man!

    I had so much fun too…we rocked it!!
    This summer is gonna be bangin’…can’t wait!

    @ Numani…thanks so much for coming through hun…I update daily, so whenever you’re ready 😉

    C x

  24. @ Wooden Souljah…thanks for stopping through bro.

    EVERYBODY: Pure talent y’all & we’re gonna be working together indefinitely on some good ish…watch this space!! 😉

    C x

  25. @ LoveSounD thank you SO much for your words.

    You are ultra talented brother, I’m honoured to have you as my friend.

    God Bless,

    C x

  26. This site is bananas! Annnnnnnnnnd… I am lovin’ “Tell Me”! Good vibes!!!

  27. Duuuuuuuuuuuucie!!!

    LOL…thanks SO MUCH bro, means the worl…glad you dig it all!

    Can’t wait for your feature!

    C x


  29. @ One Mic Nite…thank you for your words.

    Keep doing what you do…providing a platform for artists like myself to shine 🙂

    Love y’all

    C x

  30. Ahhh i remember the days when u sang karrroookkkeee on the terrace gurl u moved up a bit now.

    marc n jenny and sienna

  31. @ Natasha…thanks babygirl…grown up alot since Italia ’06!!

    Love you girl, can’t wait til your feature 😉

    C x

  32. Good Morning Carlene,

    Just wanted to say I had so much fun last night at the open mic competition… was a close call for us but Im sure there are better things in store for us both! Im so glad I know you….you have an amazing personality as well an awesome voice!

    Im sorry for those of you who don’t know you need to join 97.1 KISS FM @Key Club 58 Park Place , Newark NJ April 25, 2010 for the “Sunday Open Mic Competition”; where singers from around the Tri-State area come on there A game to shut the club down and possibly win up to $1000 CASH!

    Well enough for right now…I will give you a hit later enjoy your day!

  33. @ David….thanks so much babes!!

    Check back within the hour…I’ve included our pic together & a link to you 😉

    Love you fam,

    C x

  34. I truly appreciate the feature! I’m humbled… Much love to you, FATTZZ, and my nephews!!! Y’all doin’ big things!!! I see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. @ Ducie (aka long ass name!)

    Thank you for allowing my readers & I into your world fam.

    You are an extremely talented brother…time for the world to know 😉

    We all send our love & can’t wait to see you…

    Stay Blessed,

    C x

  36. Showing love to the page! The feature was on point as usual…. Diggin the updates, throwbacks of the day and the good vibes… Stay blessed.

  37. @ Ducie….again my sincere thanks fam.

    Trying….that’s all I can do.

    Wanna be able to enjoy life to the fullest knowing that I can hand this over to Amari to continue when he’s of age 😉

    C x



  39. @ Peaches…sis, you have been an inspiration from day one.

    God has brought us together once again to finish what we started!

    Love you & am eternally grateful for your friendship

    C x

  40. @ Timi…so sorry hun, I missed your comment!

    Much love to you brother & thanks for the support sweetheart…where in Turkey are you? I used to work out in Dalaman every 2 weeks for 6 months in 2006!

    Stay Blessed,

    C x

  41. My Dear SisStar Carlene!! I Love, Love, Love your blog!! There’s a lot of amazing things going on for you and you deserve the very, very best there is in Life!! Believe me, you are an inspiration! Thank you for making me a part of your blog, I Love being in your network : )

  42. @ Ducie…thanks my brother! Just another way for y’all to shine up on here…individual boxes…Yes Sir!! 🙂 C x

    @ Leah…Aaah man, you’re gonna make me all emotional!!
    Thank you for lending me your time Leah…you’re an inspiration & proof that faith & good energy gets you everywhere in life.

    It’s this sentiment that I want to live my life by & set as an example for lil Amari.

    Love you sis,

    C x

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  44. Keep doin’ your thang gurl! Love keeping up to date with your whirlwind music career…! Hope to catch a gig sometime soon. Sending you love and blessings as always. Peace, Kay x

  45. Hi Charlene,

    It’s been a minute hope all is well! I can see that your still active and do your thing with your music! That’s whassup…just wanted to give you a quick update I was casted for role in an Off Broadway Musical and Im so excited. I will keep up posted as to when and where the show will begin. Best wishes to you and yours in all your future endeavors.


  46. Hey just thought i’d show some love. Everytime i come and have a look here it gets better and better.

    So wicked!!

    Much love girl.


  47. Hey Girl!

    I truly think your amazing, your head strong vocally blessed and keep it together beautifully! I just want you to know that I love ya truly and wish you every success.. may Allah shine his light on you and your lovely family alwayz…

    Taz xx

  48. Carlene, Errol,

    On Saturday night at the Termica Club, it was the second time, I’ve had the opportunity to hear you in concert. The first time it was last summer at the Nautica Club in Almeria and it was really amazing, but last night you left me in a cloud. I remembred so many old & good times thanks to your music.
    I was curious to listen your own songs album “Vibrations” and I bought your cd . I’ve been listening it all the day.- People it’s recommended to purchase it, to inject you a good dose of positive vibration in your body and forget for one moment your problems, crisis …

    Errol thanks for your wonderful version of Jamming, and Jamaican in NY(“in Almeria”). I hope to hear you soon. Next time I hope you will be encouraged to sing more songs (reggae, and funky.). Carlene congratulations for your version of teardrops you catapult me on the dance floor. Thanks for this moment, Thanks to choose Almeria for living and offer me the opportunity to have more good time like yesterday.

    Please, where I can find your program concert in your web ?? Where your next performance will take place ??

    Thanks & Regards,

    José “Francés”

  49. Carlene, soy Charo, aunque ya tuve la posibilidad de felicitaros personalmente a tu padre y a tí, el sábado pasado en Berja, en la boda de Antoñito y Bea, quería compartir con las personas que puedan leer este comentario, mi admiración por vuestra música, y decir que tu maravillosa voz resonando en el silencio de la Iglesia nos emocionó y conmovió nuestros corazones. GRACIAS¡¡¡

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