Opening new doors…

Pre-show posing! Lol!

Pre-show posing! Lol!

Hey y´all!! I hope everybody is Blessed?
Well chuffed to be back! I´d love be updating three times a week as I was before but two key words: MUSIC & MOTHERHOOD have their devised way of demanding that time! (Plus the fact that I´ve gotta keep myself as busy as poss to actualy have something to share with you at the end of the day! Lol!)

But nevertheless…here we are 😉



So…a week & a half ago I was asked to provide the vocals on a Live DJ Set with local DJ / Musician: DJ Garrafunk at one of my fav bars in Almeria: ONOFF

Now I absolutely love doing this kind of work cos it´s based on great music, a willing audience & a vocalist that exudes the RIGHT energy for the moment.
Typically over the years, whenever I have gone out to do these kind of sets, 9 times outta 10, it´s over House music. Well not this time…Funk, Motown & Soul all the waaaaaay! Cue: Errol Ross!!

The Soul Man himself!...

The Soul Man himself!...

Sure,  did my lil thang thang that night, keeping the crowd entertained & singing over an array of some classics as well as incorporating at least 7 tracks off of my album…but the REAL star of the show that night was Errol Ross (my dad) 🙂 …he absolutely SMASHED IT!! From James Brown to Jackie Wilson, dad did the dang thing up there & was incredible to watch!!



I just want to take this time out to acknowledge a very good friend of my parents Barbara who was amongst the first group of people to download my single ´Before I Go´ (much to my surprise!!).
Barbara, I know you´re reading this & I just want to thank you so much for showing such interest in my progression as an artist…when mum & dad came back from lunch & told me that you even knew my Reverbnation chart position, I was blown away!!
Love to you both & I hope to have a couple of Tinto De Verano´s before you leave 😉 xxx



My lucky Marbella dress!...

My lucky Marbella dress!...

On Saturday morning, we found ourselves in the QueenBrit-mobile riding along the coast back up to Marbella to sing at one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to.
The setting was divine…the bride & groom, stunning…the show, a success…the party, WILD!!

Cue: thumbnails…

Making an entrance...

Making an entrance...

Errol & Bjorn...

Errol & Bjorn...

The venue...

The venue...

1st dance...

1st dance...

Errol rockin´...

Errol rockin´...



Job well done!!

Job well done!!



Cabaret: Wed 1st June 2011

Cabaret: Wed 1st June 2011

Looking forward to returning to Gilberts Restuarant next week…the last show was so much fun…crazy seeing the restuarant turn into a dancefloor by the end of the night!!
A BIG thank you to Sol Times for your continued support & of course not forgetting the article you wrote on us a few months ago.


Our new production company is here!!

The brainchild of award-winning Producer Errol Ross

Partnered by Bjorn Driessen & myself Carlene ´QueenBrit´ Graham

MT Productions

MT Productions


Navigate your way around the site……get familiar…spread the word…look out for the updates!!

Just to be clear…the ´MT´ stands for MUSIC TALENTS…look out for an array of artists coming your way 😉

Everyday is a new day…improvement is essential…progression is our game. Feel free to send all feedback & inquiries to:



´Make My Day´ – Buju Banton

I have had Jamaica on my mind everyday all day for the last couple of weeks!!
I remember going there in 1994 for 5 weeks & I had the time of my life…this song (& the whole ´Voice Of Jamaica´ album) was on repeat daily for the next year…straight!!


5mins 2 Shine

Today´s feature is: Mustafa



1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

I am a music producer and a DJ. I ‘ve been playing as a DJ for 24 years and producing music for more than 10. More than a job it’s a way of life. Music is just so deep inside me than I can not imagine doing anything. It’s like a drug, a virus, a religion. How well I do it? Ask the others! But i guess if I have done it this long, I might not be bad at all!

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12 months from today?

That’s a tough question! I am always in a constant evolution and working on so many projects going from Brazilian music to House music. I am now preparing two new full albums and my wish is to tour the world showing live my projects. I have great partners like Tasita D’ Mour and Claudio Passavanti so i see myself on the road with these two wonderful people

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

Right now I would say that it is the day I met the girl I am in love with. I guess you were expecting something which has to do with the music but love is also part of the music.

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

There is too much suffering in this world and it really affects me. Not only from the human beings but also from our planet. I guess we need to re-educate the people to respect each other and the place we’re living in. This would solve lot of issues nowadays.

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

It’s a very interesting blog. Lot of information and very positive. I like that!

Mustafa´s selection of the day is:

´The Boss´ – Diana Ross

You can reach out to Mustafa @:


Vid – Mustafa / Sunlight Square & Tasita D´Mour in Miami 2010
Vid – ´Love´ Mustafa ft Tasita D´Mour

Hey Mustafa! It´s funny how you can know somebody for years but not know anything about what drives them as a human being. Thanks for allowing me to feature you on my blog…it was a great read! Of course I loved the links going to my sister Tasita…I love her…it´s hard not too!
I look forward to hearing more music from you, Tasita & Claudio in the near future…the fusion is crazy!! Right now, I´m stuck on your website homepage going out of my mind at what I´m hearing…real talk. The music is sublime Mustafa!! Respect xxx

Check out the work that Mustafa & I did together HERE 🙂




C x

2 comments on “Opening new doors…

    • Thanks T!!

      That means the world babes…CAN’T WAIT to see you…you just don’t know 😉

      I see you to Ms Brazil! You’re killing it sis!

      Stay Blessed & my love to the family,

      C x

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