The greatest love of all…

It´s a new day!

It´s a new day!











Hey y´all!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! Mine was Blessed 🙂

Saturday night´s gig was a BLAST!! It was a beautiful occassion with so many people supporting us that some folk had to watch the gig from outside…no ish!!
As anticipated, QueenBrit LIVE absolutely rocked the joint! Thanks very much to ON OFF for having us…it was so much fun!!

Here are a few shots from Saturday night but look out for the official video to follow ;)….


QueenBrit passion...

QueenBrit passion...



Sax magic...

Sax magic...

A team effort...

A team effort...








So, it´s official…I´M EXCITED!!
It just dawned on me this morning that I am going to Dubai in just 9 days!! Although everything was set in stone from the moment I accepted the invitation to perform, it has only really just kicked in this morning that I am actually going to be on stage after one of my inspiration´s Erykah Badu! Sheesh!!

For the full line up, click here. Let the countdown begin!! 🙂


Ok, so we´re on DAY 9 & the track is called ´Vibrations´.
Out of all of the songs I have shared with you from the album, this one was the easiest to compose, write & record. Why? Cos it was spontaneous…I woke up feeling it, & had it completed within 24hrs.
It talks about the energy, love & REAL feeling between people & the vibrations that they submit both consciously & subconsciously. It´s deep y´all!! 🙂 Check it out…

´Vibrations´ – Carlene Graham

This will be the last of the ´Making the album @ Villalobos´ video teasers for now for a couple of reasons. The first being the obvious – I don´t wanna give away the whole album!! I definitely wanna keep an element of surprise for y´all!
April is going to be a very busy month for me with Dubai, Marbella & London on deck, so I want to focus on the performance side of things & keeping y´all upto speed with what´s going on there.
I´ll also be bringing back my ´Throwback of the day´ segment, as I think it´s equally important to share the music that contributed to the artist I am today. So keep checking in 🙂

Please bookmark my YouTube channel…all uploads are exclusive there first.

´5mins 2 Shine´ (A VERY SPECIAL FEATURE!)

Today´s feature is : Angela Graham

Angela Graham

Angela Graham







1. What do you do & how well do you do it?

I would have to say I am truly Blessed as a wife, mother, businesswoman & the icing on the cake – a grandmother! At the moment I am in my element because I am able to spend time getting to know my daughter again & as a bonus, my grandson also.

I am a fun-loving person with a great personality who loves to laugh, dance & generally like to be around happy people! I think I am great at what I do because although I love business, I first & foremost enjoy my family.
When I have my business hat on, then that´s what you get…pure focus 100% & above. I consider myself to be a woman of substance who is striving to be the best of the best, however small. Respect to all who respect themselves

2. Where do you foresee yourself twelve months from today?

Travelling of course! With the little man, my beautiful daughter & my husband.
It´s always been one of my dreams to go to as many countries as possible before I leave this Earth. I look forward to meeting people from all different walks of life & learning some of their cultures, backgrounds & history.

3. What was one of the most memorable times of your life?

I have had many memorable times.
First & foremost to be Blessed with a beautiful daughter inside & out. Another occasion was when my husband & daughter met up with my mother, father, brothers & sisters in Jamaica for the first time. My daughter was only 14 years of age at the time & she embraced everything within our Jamaican culture & took it in her stride. She disregarded all of the material influences of what she was accustomed to, having been born in London & accepted everything for what it was.
I could see the joy in my parents faces, especially my mother who took a shine to her…from the heart, which boosted my daughter´s self-esteem.
Every morning my mother would bring a cup of tea for my husband in bed & none for me (!) because she said I was not a stranger & knew where the kitchen was…lol. I had not been to Jamaica for over 15 years!!!

I love my mother to pieces…may God rest her soul…she kept the family unit together.

4. Given the resources, what one thing would you change in the world & why?

There is so much poverty in the world today yet there are so many bright & talented people. Therefore, the first thing I would like to do is to establish a library in the centre of where I was born – Red Hills, St Andrews – JAMAICA.
I would like to set up this library in honour of my mother Linda Bennett, who cared & loved all the young people…treating them like her own. My mother was so keyed up on having a good education. She walked the walk & talked the talk.

On the educational flex, I would distribute half the money that some of these sports ´celebrities´ get paid, into an organization to help talented youngsters with training & development programmes…this would do great for their self esteem & teach them how to believe in themselves…helping them find their purpose in life.
I personally feel that this would give them the drive & ammunition to set themselves up in life, rather then being a wandering & meaningless generality. I feel if you just give them the money, it would be wasted because there are principles & laws in life to be met & taught…without education, self belief, desire & enthusiasm, nothing would happen – just a waste of resources.


I believe in caring, hugs & kisses when you are weak (or strong) for daily encouragement to achieve more in life.
One of my favourite quotes, which I taught my daughter is: “What the mind can conceive & believe…IT WILL ACHIEVE”.

5. What do you think of my blog? (Message for my readers)

Your blog is great because everyone has the opportunity to pass on their experiences in a natural way to others, & because we´re all different people, if it helps one person to be successful within themselves, then it would have been totally worthwhile.
Everyone has something to bring to the table & its such an informal way to do this.

My message to the readers is to stay true to yourselves & always strive to do better.

Angela´s song selection of the day is:

´Simply The Best´ – Tina Turner

You can reach out to Angela @:

Blog – ´Food 4 Thoughts´

Mum…WOW, what to say!
I thank you for being the most loving, loyal, patient & consistent being in my life next to God, since the day I was born.
Although I have not been the easiet of human beings to handle(!), you have continued to condition me with nothing but love, encouragement & 100% support.
One of my favourite memories in life if of us walking down the Purley hills chanting ´I CAN WIN & WILL WIN!!´…I believe it mummy…for the first time in my life. I BELIEVE IT!! 🙂
I look forward to our travelling (which is just round the corner!)…I look forward to the laughter & I look forward to all of the Blessings that are coming our way.
Thank you for your support with Amari at this time…you have sacrificed the life you have become accustomed to out here in Spain to look after your grandson & give me the scope & space I need to get this show on the road…for our family.
If I could be half the woman you are, I will be utterly happy in life. I LOVE YOU…always xxx



C x

6 comments on “The greatest love of all…

  1. Wow, I felt so inspired reading your mums blog. She is such an amazing woman and really reminds me of my mum in a lot of ways. I had the priviledge of staying with both your parents and embracing their beautiful energy. I love you and your lovely family. Much love to you all xx

  2. Cousin Angela and Carene,

    I loved reading the piece. I can’t wait to meet you all. Queenbrit, many blessings to you on your musical career.

  3. carleen!! I am so proud of you and i wish you all the luck girl!! You are one talented lady!!! Enough of all that X-factor s**t!! This is where its at!!! x x x

  4. BEAUTIFUL! The pics were amazing! Glad u had such a huge turnout at the venue! Much success Sis! I could not believe that was your Mom! So youthful! Loved her words of wisdom. *blessings* xx

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