You inspire me…

3 days to go!!

3 days to go!!


Hey y´all!! 48hrs passes toooo quickly…for real!
Today I was due to start learning Spanish but it has been re-scheduled for Friday. When I calculate the time I have spent in Spain over the years either working or on holiday, I should be on some fluent ish by now…long time! Instead I stay confined to just being able to order a drink & which Tapas I would like with it…not cool! Also it has become essential to learn the language for business & performance purposes. Bring it on!

I´m mad excited about my debút QueenBrit LIVE show with my band!! It´s gonna be a blast!
With raging drums, screaming lead guitar, deep tone bass, articulate sax & groovy rhythm guitar, you don´t even notice the absence of keys. The impact of the sound & dynamics my band create is what sticks first.

My boys have had me exploring the depths of artists such as Eric Clapton (an old time fav), Joe Satriani, Whitesnake & Toto…all of whom I have a deeper understanding & respect for their music. I love singing songs that don´t fit into the cliché boxes that people put me in as a larger, black female vocalist!! I hate the regimented approach when it comes to music…

We´ve all had personal ish to deal over our 5 month rehearsal period so I´m looking forward to us letting loose on stage & releasing all of the emotion that has a tendancy to harbour in music. I have 100% Faith that my boys are gonna rip it up! I´ll be there singing my lil heart out in amongst it all!! Click here for a lil taster…this was recorded Dec 2010, only 2 months into rehearsal mode, with just drums, lead guitar & bass.

You know I´ll be blogging the occassion next week, so stay tuned for that ;)…


Ok, so I´m mad hyped to be going to London for a few days next month!! I have been asked by my good friends DJ MRcSp & Sue who are behind Tra-Su-Ter one of House music´s freshest Promotion companies, to sing at ´Fresh Sweet & Sexy´ their event on Thursday 21st April 2011.

It was a no brainer for me!! I know how their crew get down on a raving tip & love it!! 🙂

Here´s the flyer…

Flyer - front

Flyer - front

Flyer - back

Flyer - back

So really there is NO EXCUSE not to be there!! I´m gonna doing a live DJ set as well as singing some exclusive material off of my new album!!

To all my LDN peeps, please spread the word & click here for ticket info…support the cause y´all…these kind of raves are becoming rare…it´s all about the good times!!
Stay tuned for a double feature on Tra-Su-Ter promotions…;)


Flight cases on deck!

Flight cases on deck!

Yesterday my mic flight case arrived in preparation for my performance at the Chill Festival in Dubai!! I don´t think I´ve ever been so hyped about a flight case in my life!! Lol 🙂
Having spent many years on tour as a backing vocalist (every minute of which, I loved), I never used to pay attention to great detail such as the type of flight case to have etc…now I do.

Today, I also learned first hand, how to set up a Production Company…the process, purpose & its financial commitment. Details to follow ;)…

I see many people clicked on the DiGiCo link from my last entry to see what´s what…it´s CRISS isn´t it!! I dunno how our Engineer Yanu has mastered that in just a few days, ready to record us live on Saturday, but he has!! He da man!
The last performance that I sang at that had one of these babies on deck was when I sang for Madonna at Live 8…cue vid!!

You gotta look carefully for the singer with red hair @ 1min 27 secs!! I was determined to stand out…lol 🙂

My greatest performance moment to date!


So we´re on DAY 7: ´Front Page´. I absolutely loved making this beat, writing & recording this song. I know I´m gonna get some SERIOUS satisfaction performing it too!!
´Front Page´ deals with so many of the issues I had last year when I was on the verge of a breakdown (go back to my installment on 4th March 2011 for the full insight). Paranoia had consumed me…some of which was valid…some of which was totally invalid.
In this song I specifically address the negative people & negative things that I had let into my life, causing me to doubt who & what I was…causing me to submit to fear & guilt…causing me to hide. The making of this song was about exchanging the negative for positive…
It was a good session!!

´Front Page´- Carlene Graham

Onwards & upwards…

´5mins 2 Shine´

Today´s feature is: Glam Gyrl

Glam Gyrl

Glam Gyrl

1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

Ha, that’s a good question! I find myself trying to sum it up when someone asks me that question. I do lots of things. I’m a Model, Actress, Radio Personality, Producer, Writer and Entrepreneur.
I own a radio station, magazine and production company. I would say based off ofthe success I’ve had in all the fields I’m involved in, I do it well, but it takes a team.
You’ve got to have a team of individuals who are just as focused as you are and is willing to put in 200% like you would. I’ve been blessed to have found those kinds of people.

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12 months from today?

In twelve months from today I see myself operating a major media empire, sort of like how Tyler Perry but a lot different because I don’t just do movies and plays so that’s what makes us different.

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

The most memorable time in my life was when I went to an audition and I didn’t want to go. I had a major attitude because I was kind of forced to go. I went in with this attitude not caring if I got the part or not. I winded up not getting the part I auditioned for but I got wrote into the script. They created a part for me. It made me realize the talent I had and that sometimes we have to not let things bother us to a point where we will miss out on opportunities. My attitude about life changed after that day.

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

Wow only one. This is hard because there are so many things I want to change. But since I can only choose one, I would say I would change poverty. I think if we didn’t have any people struggling to live out here it would change the way the world is. There would be no stealing or killing. People would be happy because unfortunately this system has us so caught up on money, we don’t think we can live without it and honestly we can’t because everything is a bill or requires money. It shouldn’t be that way. God created this earth for us to live upon it freely. It’s so deep but I will leave it at that. If I had money, I’d be giving it away to those in need. I think people should be able to do what they love to do and make a living from what’s in their hearts.

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

I love your blog. I think it’s very positive and informative. You expose the positive side of people out in the world and I love anything positive. It’s time we change the images we’re being fed through certain medias. Our future depends on it.

Glam Gyrl´s song selection is:

´They Don´t Really Care About Us´- Michael Jackson

You can reach out to Glam Gyrl @:

Radio station

Girl, thanks so much for your interview…you inspire me. When I met you early last year, I knew what it was from the jump…you omit great energy & I can´t wait to write my column in your upcoming magazine ´Industry Gems´…ssshhh 😉 Much love sis, lets do this!! C xxx

C xxx

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