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Hey y´all!
Do you ever find that at the start of every day, no matter what the tone, weather or potential of the day ahead, you just can´t seem to shake the happenings of the previous day? Natural right? Well back in the day, this meant that most days did not start off in the most positive for me. I was not the type of person my parents raised. I had become a shadow of that person & was not feeling it.
Most days that meant waking up in a depressive state…not giving thanks for life. That meant putting my phone on vibrate cos I didn´t wanna deal with who & what was coming my way…not giving thanks for being surrounded by beautiful people that cared about me. That meant walking with around town with a constant view of the pavement…not with a perfect view of the sky.

I had to change. I wanted to change.

I experience various states.
Sure I still dwell on the activities of the previous 24hrs. I give thanks. I still regret mistakes from the past. I give thanks. I still worry FAR TO MUCH about what other people think about me & all that I do. I give thanks.

But today I wake up excited! Today I wake up motivated! Today I AM ALIVE!! God is GREAT!

This journey is incredible…the good & the bad. Everyday, instead of saying to myself “Carls just get through the day”…I say to myself “Carls, EMBRACE the day”.


Diego Cruz, me & the gang!

Diego Cruz, me & the gang!

After we left the office last night we were invited to go & see Diego Cruz perform at a spot in Almeria. It was amazing! Diego´s voice is wickeeed! So colourful…Bluesy…Jazzy & Soulful, y´all need to check him out! 🙂
I look forward to working with him! 😉


I would like to introduce you to my Queen. Her name is ANGELA (Ang or Angie for those of you that know her!)

Gwan mummy!

Gwan mummy!

Mum is the most amazing woman I know.
She is caring, patient, loving, friendly, passionate, understanding, forgiving, loyal, wise…the list goes on.
It has taken me nearly 30 years to fully appreciate the woman my Mother is…I don´t want to waste another second of time with her…for the rest of my life.

To see where she´s coming from, click here >>> I love you mum xxx




Lol…see what I mean about the vibe at studio on Day 4?!? I was cracking up watching it back…the silence from dad killed it!! Hahaha!

So, we´re now on Day 5: ´When The Snow Settles´ *takes a deep breath*…
In this song, I express Faith. When your whole world crumbles as you know it…Faith gets you through. Within the song I express hope. By the bridge, you get a real insight to an extremely challenging period of my life. I think this was my 4th composition…I tried a ting! 😉

´When The Snow Settles´- Carlene Graham

More to come…

´5mins 2 Shine´

Today´s 1st feature is: Natasha Carver

Natasha Carver

Natasha Carver

1. What do you do & how well do you do it?

I am a Singer/Songwriter who is currently in the middle of recording an album. I have been singing a long time…like 17 years & I love every minute of it.
I have been truly Blessed and I will use it as it should be used. I think I do it very well. On my journey i’ve have been able to work with and alongside some amazing artists such as Mick Hucknall, Jocelyn Brown & Alison Moyet…do I need to say anymore!?! Hehehe!

2. Where do you foresee yourself 12 months from today?

I see myself continuing to share my amazing gift with the world more than ever. I am currently working on several projects, one being a collaboration EP, where I feature with a variety of different artists: Depeo MC, Hoodsoliders, Doller Da Dustman, Carlene Graham & Lioness just to name a few (Its wicked – so look out for that in April 2011 its gonna be massive!!!).
Also working on MY very own official exclusive EP “Elusive” Launch in May 2011. No one knows what is coming…(not even me) LOL.
I just want to do as much music as I can. So to answer the question, I see myself literally just making music, singing my little heart out. I will have started writing my book `The First´, (something i have always wanted to do). I just want to be able to take care of the people i love the most in my life…my family!

3. What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

Wow…How can I even answer it without writing a book? Carls – you got me girl!

MY LIFE so far is one huge memory thanks to the most amazing and most important people in my life – my parents. They gave me life, love, and knowledge, embedded me with faith, ambition and direction with that they encouraged me to be myself, be real and be a good person and have stood by me regardless of my wrongs and rights and still continue to do so and I love them dearly. I have 2 amazing brothers and 2 amazing sisters. I definitely inherited my voice from my mum (she can sing!).

I grew up on Country and Western on my mum´s side with Soul and R&B (Old skool) from my dad as he was a dancer. We used to put music on and I would be the singer and he would be my backing dancer…I loved it! I began singing at family functions and went on to performing on the stage at about 8. I started entering competitions all over london at the age of 15-16 yrs old. I remembering counting one year with my dad that I had won nearly every competition that I entered in that year (I did about 20 competitions) which consisted of Talent comps and Karaoke comps. I was showcasing everywhere and anywhere and in that time I had won a major comp when I was 14 called ´Sunday Selection´ at Hackney Empire (where I met Carlene), of which was my almighty introduction to the world of some amazingly talented and recognised artists, I sang alongside Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Omar…just to name a few).

In 2003 I decided to change my stage name to Esha Karmaya and covered a version on “Fools Paradise” by Melissa Morgan and Trevor Davey from Island records Signed it up to feature on a compilation album called Urban Stars-The Tribute. Click here to listen to the track.

I’ve met and still work with some wicked producers and artists through this journey I gained so much knowledge about the industry and how people really are. My singing came to short holt about about 2 years ago when I was preoccupied with other things other than music whilst deep down inside all along I couldn’t think of anything but music Its crazy to think that i could have lost it all in that space of time but my family unit held it together and my dad pushed and pushed for me to continue.

2010 was and has got to have been the worse year to date, my family had a very bad experienced which required us to pull together stronger than ever but it was difficult knowing that I had so much on we’ve pulled through. Its those times you take heed in cherishing what you have and no you got to fix up… Be a better person always! So I’ve spent the last year working hard with some up and coming artist such as Louise Bagan, Carlene Graham, Doller Da Dustman, Wrighty MC, Star 7, Hoodsoldiers and many many more, I decided I wanted to do a collaboration EP which I would feature on and release this year April 2011. Also to have my own album complete and ready for release for the summer. I got so much to do and I cant wait to achieve more than ever. In life there are ups and downs and believe me when I say when I have had my ups its been fantastic but when I have had my downs, its truly been down, but with the support of great people, God and an extremely tight family unit we have pulled through the worse and we are nothing but LOVE. So basically in short my life so far has been the most memorable moment and I know there is so much more to come and i’m loving it!!…to be continued….

Working with DOLLER DA DUSTMAN is and has been an excellent experience too. We have some work in the pipeline, our first single is out already out and is being played across the border.

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

There is so much I would love to change, however to choose one, for me it would be Domestic Violence and Rape. Simply because me as a person who experienced Domestic Violence and know how it made me feel mentally and physically and someone who I love so much experienced rape on more counts than once… I know some of these things cant always be prevented but it would be great to support other women who have experienced this and share my story on how i got through it and how it made me a stronger woman. It is always good to give back when positive.

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

Carlene, your blog page is amazing, I am always interested to look and see the next blog that’s been posted. You are always doing positive things to help others. Your posts are are always interesting and leaves me wanting to know more. On a personal note as your long time best friend, you´re a brilliant person who is very talented and i am so happy to be able to share all these great times love you lots girl!!

Natasha´s song selection of the day is:

´Next To Go´ – Doller Da Dustman ft Natasha Carver

You can reach out to Natasha @:


You can purchase Natasha´s single: ´Make me Happy´ – Depeo MC ft Natasha Carver here. Show some love y´all!!

Tash, I have known you for half my life now…we´ve been through ups & downs boiii but at the end of it all, we know what it is & it´s time to do the dang thing once & for all…it´s time T!! I love you girl & am so proud of you…not to mention am a huge fan of your voice. I thank you sincerely for being there for me, when I really needed it last year. You put a roof over my head for 4 months, no questions asked. When you saw me decline to the point a nervous breakdown, you called my parents in an instant. Thank you.
Much love to Liz, Del, Ash, Mel, Lil Del & Megan xxx


Today´s 2nd feature is: Doller Da Dustman

Doller Da Dustman

Doller Da Dustman

1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

I am a Musician/Voocalist/MC/Rapper artist. I do this with my heart lungs an soul. I believe i do it very well and Iam always trying to do it better then its ever been done before! Why? Most of the time people cant see my vision until i paint a clear picture for them.

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12 months from today?

12 months from today i can see myself in a incredible position. My promotion will be huge, my skills will be where i want them to be, songs charting, things will be going exactly to plan, to the tee. Most importantly I want to/will get rich off of music alone.

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

The most memorable times in my life were: getting sent to jamaica early, at a tender age and the times I used to spend at my nans house in Lower Edmonton when she use to live in the UK. That part of my life was amazing and I pray to give my children the same thing.

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

If given the resources to change the world, I would make every man, women and child RICH. I would do this because i believe it would eradicate almost every problem the human race faces.

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

I just read it and snooped around a little bit, i think its really nice. You´ve got loads of personality on here and its clear what you do. For example, I can see you live in Spain and during my investigation I see you know peaches who interviewed me, not too long ago. Excellent we´re all synergizing.

Doller Da Dustman´s song selection of the day is:

´Ain´t Leavin Without You´ – Jaheim ft Jadakiss

You can reach out to Doller Da Dustman @:


Click here to download ´The Art Of Rhyming by Doller Da Dustman

Thanks for taking the time out Doller…although we´ve never met, I appreciate your music & your grind. I wish you continued success! Much love, C xJ


C x

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