Feeling BUENO!

Feeling BUENO!


Hey y´all! Thanks for checking in 🙂
It´s fair to say that this last week has been a prime example of how Blessed life is…truth. From utter darkness to sheer light in nearly 6 months is a miracle…I tell ya.

So…new developments…
Just got into the office a couple of hours ago after having taken Tash to the airport…she had a great time…we recorded a lil sumthin sumthin before she left & I´ll be doing a feature on her & her movements in the next installment, so look out for that 😉 A lil birdie tells me she´ll be back real soon!

Meanwhile, I´ve been going craaazy for the last 12 hours!!
Why?? Because I have been asked by my good friend DJ David Craig to sing at the Chill Out Festival in Dubai!! Not only are we the closing act for the whole 2-day event but we are the after party ents (if you wanna call it that) for the headliner Erykah Badu after she mashes up the place with her 16-piece band!!! Aaaaaaaarghh! I´m dying over here!! 🙂 QueenBrit is getting ready to rock Dubai…you best believe I´ll be blogging that ish!! 🙂

Gonna be travelling with Errol Ross – dad(!) & founder of Music Talents , Bjorn – owner of Villalobos Recording Studios & Mariano –  a key player for Apple Inc (Spain)…we are gonna have some fun!!

Oh yeah…I´m waiting extremely gratful to Bjorn & Mariano for my brand new iPad this afternoon…I´m finally the proud owner of one 😉 Big ups to my Spanish familia…lets rock this year 😉


Me & Rosa López

Me & Rosa López


I recently had the pleasure of meeting & hanging out with Rosa Lopéz one of Spain´s top female vocalists. A mutual friend of ours has been trying to hook us up since I arrived in Spain…it finally happened & when we hit that stage together, something just connected! She has a beautiful voice & is an equally beautiful person…I have so much respect the journey that she has endured upto this point…not to mention her success.
I can´t go into too much detail at this point, but I will say: STAY TUNED…I´ll let you know more nearer the time! 😉

What I will say though is that Rosa has some AMAZING & very dedicated fans. Rosa recently blogged about our encounter (as well as her excitement at having met my dad) & a few of her fans have taken the liberty of contacting me via my Facebook Artist Page & showing nothing but love. So I´d like to shout out: Guiomar Gomez, Esther Mira (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!), Grupo Apoyo Rosa López, David Márquez García, Gabriel Urrea Briones, Daniel Lopez, Karen Earley Evans, Abel Trujillo, Francisco Javier Ceacero Heras, Jerónimo Carmona Garzón & Javier Serna Moreno…THANK YOU 😉


I can´t believe I´m acknowledging the passing of two more great artists in less than 48hrs.

The first: NATE DOGG

Two amazing artists…my thoughts & prayers are with their families at this time. RIP.


Ok, so we´re now on Day 4…the track? ´The Circumference´. Oh boy!!
Artists: you know those days in the studio when nothing seems to go right. When you arrive all positive about the outcome of the track & by the end of it you´re either about to cry, scream or knock someone out?!? You wanna blame the Engineer when you know dang well it´s YOU?!? This was one of those days!! Plus on top of all of that, the track could have been written 10 x better. It was just not a good look!! I tried a Rock vibe with the beat, its a good composition but far from my best…I´ve decided to use the Bridge as an interlude on the album instead…that works better.
It´s funny cos at the end of every session, dad & I would go home & play the 1st mix to mum & lil man…we´d all be shackin out in the hallway…lil man on the floor breakdancing…pure vibes & festivities. When this particular track came on, we all stopped…mum tried to find the positive it it (Bless her)…dad just stared @ the Mac & lil man immediately started getting into mischief…we were cracking up!! I learned a valuable lesson that night: My family is in perfect musical harmony. When something is musically right (aka a potential hit) we´re on it…when it´s not, we keep it moving. I love my family.

Anyway, enough waffling…here it is…*getting ready to cringe!!* LMAO…you can tell we weren´t feeling it!!!

´The Circumference´ – Carlene Graham

More to come…

´5mins 2 Shine´

Today´s feature is: Kay Jay

Kay Jay

Kay Jay


1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

I am a Singer / Songwriter / Performer and all round lover of music and all things positive! I think I am pretty damn good on stage – it’s my 2nd home, where I feel comfortable and let the good vibes flow! I’ve been a natural performer since I was a little girl, although some might say I’m just an “exhibitionist drama queen!” LOL

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12months from today?

I see myself stepping up as an Artist, getting funding to finish my album and tour with my band and growing my business Divinyl Music Ltd whilst being a wife & momma!

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

Musically: performing at Glastonbury with the Stereophonics in 2003, performing at the Royal Albert Hall with Alexander O’Neal and Cherelle in 1997 and releasing my debut single, “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” in 2007, also doing a European tour with Brit and MOBO award winner Shola Ama in 2000 where I met and worked with my beloved Fiance! I also had a pretty amazing time doing backing vocals with Jamiroquai in 2010 and supporting the legendary Stevie Wonder at Hard Rock Calling Hyde Park – what a gig!

Generally travelling around the world singing on various tours with amazing Artists! I LOVE my job!

Personally: Getting engaged in 2008, graduating with a Masters in Music Business Management in 2008 and buying my first house! :o) I am blessed indeed!

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

I would ban debt. All developing countries would never have to “pay back” anything – they would have their land reclaimed and the natural resources that go with them. I would make all nations “equals” where everyone has civil liberties, freedom of speech, a right to free education & healthcare, fair taxation and opportunities, no matter their race, colour, creed or religion. We are ALL God’s children. I aspire to inspire…

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

I love hearing what you have to say about music and your life in NJ & Spain – I wish I could share your journey and your blog makes me feel part of your life, even in a small way! You’re keeping it real girl and keeping it inspiring! It’s not often we meet people who we “click” with but I felt a connection to you and consider you a musical sister – keep doing your thang! Love and support always! Kay x

Kay Jay´s song selection of the day is:

´Love´s Taken Over´ – Chanté Moore

You can reach out to Kay Jay @:


Kate, thanks so much for taking the time out for my lil old blog! You have the kindest soul & are an inspiration at the same time…I can´t wait to FINALLY work with you 😉 Much love babes xxx P.S. Chooooooon!! 😉



C x

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