Bright dayz ahead!

You make me feel, so brand nu!

You make me feel, so brand nu!


Hey y´all! Had a blast this weekend…family vibes all the way…nuff fun & laughter 🙂 Today was wicked when I peeped the blog & it had hit 11,008 views!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Feeling so positive this week! Great day at the office…it´s confirmed that my father & I will be doing 3 shows in Marbella from 14th-16th April, one of which is the Marbella Spring Games!! The Blessings are incredible! 🙂

Also, I found out that Shakira will be performing in Almeria in June which means I get to touch base with my friend & Producer Albert Menendez (Sterling Blue Music) who has been playing keys for Shakira for over 10 years. I had the honour of working with him on a concept he had & wrote ´Push It´…look out for the re-release this year 😉 Even better, I get to see Shakira do her thing, just 5 mins away from my office & the studio…how jammy is that!!

As you can see from the pic up top, my new mic has arrived!! We had rehearsal on Sunday afternoon in preparation for ´QueenBrit LIVE´ on Saturday 26th March…this is gonna be the band debút & one craaazy night!! If you´re on Facebook, peep the invite…everybody is welcome, you just gotta be in Spain! If you´re not, but know somebody that is…please share the invite.

On a more serious note, my thoughts & prayers go out to Japan right now…such a tragedy.


Ok, so for those of you that have peeped my video diary & hit me up with your thoughts on the tracks so far, I appreciate the feedback. It´s good to hear how the music is received at this early stage. At the time of composition, I had no one set genre that I decided to stick to. I love music. ALL music.  Therefore, I want my album to reflect all of the musical styles that have contributed to my musical journey over the last 29 years…keeping the goal clear: MUSICAL EXPRESSION. Simplicity.

Nu sounds...

Nu sounds...

The next track we went in to record was ´Fast Food´. This track was a big release of emotion on two levels. The first: the composition. I´m not gonna lie, I was most proud of my musical efforts with this one as I introduced a whole array of different sounds…a fresh vibe. I had fun playing around with the string arrangement as well as the direction of the track…TV/Film came to mind. The second: the subject of the song. ´Fast Food´ is all about temptation. Temptation of the mind. Choices…good & bad. I deal with myself in this track. 100% honesty.

Take a listen…

Day 3: ´Fast Food´ – Carlene Graham

More to come…

´5mins 2 Shine´ Today´s feature is: Kibla Frodo McFly Ahmed (3ME/ENIGMA STUDIOS)

Kibla Frodo McFly Ahmed

Kibla Frodo McFly Ahmed

1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

You could say I am a man of many talents, but what I do it is art, graphic illustration, photography and directing. I could say I’m amazing in what I do but to be honest I am still learning in each field , with art it’s always growing in different directions so I try my best to keep up and let my ideas grow in each field.

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12 months from today?

12 months from now would hopefully still here and still doing art, I’m going to see where this path leads me to. There is so much still to be done so keep a eye out…Enigma Studios in your area! Oh yes, we just started our own clothing range called GEEKSTAR CLOTHING so hoping to see this blow up.

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

My most memorable place has to be Saudi Arabia in front of the MECCA; I was at peace it was so beautiful something that will never leave me.

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

To tell you the truth I could get in to a whole deep conversation about what I would like to change and why but there are too many reasons and this subject gets me really emotional but media is what I’d like to change the most. I mean the nonsense they feed us on TV and not really telling us what’s happening around the world. I’m kind of fed up of knowing that this famous person is cheating on this person when you have people across the world suffering…anyways got to keep this short and brief!

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

One thing I love about this blog is the journey, like where you´re going, what you´ve been up to, and that you always updating it with pics and videos. As much as I know you as an artist is one thing, but to keep up with what’s a friends been up too as well is great. So keep doing what you do best!

Frodo´s song selection of the day is:

´Derezzed´- Daft Punk

You can reach out to Frodo @:

YouTube (1)

YouTube (2)


Frodo is one seriously creative individual…we didn´t get the chance to hang out much but his energy is on point & his movement is even stronger. Thank you so much for taking time out for this Frodo, I look forward to working with you (& your team) again in the near future.

Here´s my logo that he designed for me:

QueenBrit logo...designed by Frodo

QueenBrit logo...designed by Frodo



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