One year on… March 2011

At the airport

Arrival gate...


Hey y´all! I wanna start by apologising for the lateness of this installment. The last 48hrs have been madness…all good though!! 🙂

Just realised that this blog started one year ago today…here´s to another year 🙂

After Thursday night´s gig at ONOFF which rolled into my dad´s Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!), we found ourselves on the way to the airport just a couple hours later to pick up one of my best friends Natasha Carver …keep your eyes peeled for her feature next week…she´s doing big things!!

A Birthday toast

A Birthday toast!

Straight after the airport, we headed back to Roquetas De Mar (where I live) to do a gig on the beach, with not such great weather but we had a blast nevertheless. Dad & I both entertained the guests & after copious shots of Grappa with mum, dad, Tash & friends, it´s fair to say that we were feeling great!! Lol. Later on last night, Tash & I met up with some other friends & what was supposed to be a quiet introductory evening to Spain for Tash, ended up as a Salsa dancing, Mojito drinking, way to many cigerette smoking & “I need a munch now”, filled evening!! Trust me, I´ve got the dull head this morning to prove it!!

Today, Tash & I are going to be listening to a few tracks to decide which we´d like to write to & record for our albums. We´re aiming for two tracks, one of which I had started composing prior to her arrival…I´ll post the sneak peak studio sessions next week for y´all to see 😉


This week things started to get serious in the office…different establishments & their groups have begun showing interest in the agency side of Music Talents enquring about bookings etc. We are proud to feature my good friend David Mensah on our books have just had confirmation from another good friend Kay Jay …our mission: to represent the BEST international artists & provide a quality service all the way.

Bjorn had a major surprise in store for me also…one that reduced me to tears. Since we´re gonna be on the road doing this properly, he went & purchased the most incredibe PA system that I´ve personally had the pleasure of using…it arrived last Tues & he & dad went to set it up whilst I was finishing up at the office. When I turned up at the studio & saw it, I was in shock!! You can imagine my reaction when I heard it…I got mad emotional! I´m a Cancerian female by the way y´all so ´emotional´s my middle name…sorry, that´s how it is!

Setting up the PA!

Setting up the PA!

On top of all of that…the QueenBrit equipment truck is now getting serviced before it is officially branded with my logo…insaaaaane! Much love & thanks to Frodo for my wicked QueenBrit design. He really came through for me last summer…much love sweets. More pics soon 😉


So back to the studio…

The second track we recorded for the album was ´No Other Choice´. I wrote it weeks before composing it. When it came down to making the beat, I thought, Ima go Reggae with this one…I´ve listened to enough Reggae music in my lifetime to understand what constitutes to a niiiiice track…some of my earliest musical memories was my dad playing his bass to some old skool Reggae riddims…pure niceness!!

On with my mission…

Day 2: ´No Other Choice´ – Carlene Graham

More to come…

´5mins 2 Shine´

Today´s feature is: Errol Ross

Errol Ross at work

Errol Ross at work...

1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

I make music. Whether I´m in the studio Producing or writing, singing or playing my bass, I like to do it as best I can.

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12 months from today?

I see myself 12 months from today Producing a top 10 album featuring Carlene ´QueenBrit´ Graham & one or two selected artists.

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

One of the most memorable times of my life was the birth of my daughter & achieving a Gold Disc for my Music Production.

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

I would have to change an education system where children are educated for 20 years & come out of it without self-confidence, prospects & jobs.

Fender magic!

Fender magic!

5) What do you think of my blog? (Message for my readers)

I think the blog is great! It features people from all around the world & gives an insight into the life & activities of a singer on ´The Journey To Success´.

Errol´s song selection of the day is:

´One Love´ – Bob Marley

You can reach out to Errol @:

Music Talents

Thanks so much dad for everything. The journey upto this point has been something! But seriously, (not even bringing the previous 29 years into the picture)…these last 5 months have been something special. When I got to Spain I wasn´t even comfortable looking at myself in the mirror but you & mum continued to show unconditional love & support regardless.
It feels GREAT to be working with you on the creation that is Music Talents…lets rock this dad!! 🙂

I love you both xxx


C x

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