Back On The Grind….March 2011

This is Carlene ‘QueenBrit’ Graham

So here I am at…this place is nice! Live music too??

Great, music is what I do….

Studio Runnings...


Hey y´all! IT – HAS – BEEN – A – MINUTE!! Wow, feels good to be back though!! I have wanted to be sat here on so many occasions since my last post but dealing with life & getting my ish together (once & for all) took priority…ya dig?

For the sheer fact that you are reading this right now, I sincerely thank you for your continued support.

So…where to begin! I hope you´re ready for the complete me (flaws & all) cos I´m about to go innnnn!!

NJ >>> LDN

For those of y´all that are just joining me & don´t know, I was living in Newark, NJ on & off for 3 years. Jurzee was a dream come true for me…I was loved up, had just given birth to my lil man & was living a sustainable life surrounded by great people in a creative environment…what more could I ask for right??…

Well to cut a long story (well, fairly!) short, my lil man need major lifesaving surgery at just 13 months old…I was faced with the choice of worrying about the small stuff (in comparison to the worth of his lil life) or get my head focused towards the journey he was about to endure & be the tower of strength he needed to get through it, no matter what. I chose the latter…

God saw him through & he displayed amazing strength & courage during the whole process. He taught me so much about independence without even being able to string a sentence together. Lil man was good to go. Life resumed as per normal…but little did I know…

On the 7th April 2010, I´m at JFK airport with my lil man´s father, waving them off…I had to pop to LDN for the week as stated by my VISA requirements. We had agreed that it was a better idea for me travel solo & that the 7 days would pass in a heartbeat…

BWOY!!! Cue: drama!…I could never have anticipated what the next 6 months would entail…


So as I touch down @ Heathrow…I´m buzzin´& if the truth be told on a complete ego trip to the max, as my blog was going well & I felt like some kind of celebrity (yes yes, I know foolishness indeed – I understand that now!)…I´d accomplished around 7,000 hits in 3 weeks & thought I was invincible :/ REALLY. God was about to show me otherwise…yup.

I had a great week of catching up with my UK peeps…raving…linking with other artists…it was all vibes & love 🙂

A week later, I was back at Heathrow airport & ready to check in. Maaaaan I was missing my lil man like crazy…as a new mother, being away from him for just a few hours was too much! At 18 months, his development skills were on point & I didn´t really wanna miss a single day of his growth.

So back to the check-in. Case on the belt…no excess baggage to pay (surprisingly!)…passport given…just waiting for my Boarding Pass…then the bomb hits. “Miss Graham, we are unable to allow you to fly…¨

The problem: because of my previous overstay in the US for my son´s (a US Citizen at that) heart surgery, I was not allowed back to the US.

“In your face Miss Graham…screw you, your life & all that other ish…deal with that one diva!…” is what they may well have declared cos I simply couldn´t hear anything after the 1st few words…I felt sick. I had 10 quid in my pocket, a non-refundable flight ticket

Cue: depression…


What was I gonna do? What could I do? Music, that´s what.

My heart was breaking but I put on my best smile & threw myself into music. I tried to make contact with as many professional bodies I could…hooked up with producers left right & centre, while Facebookin´my every move…literally! It got to the point where I needed someone to give a slap for being so self-absorbed…I couldn´t help it though…I was sinking & sinking emotionally & had no control over how I was feeling as a result of it.

What I should have been was focused on those few REAL friends who were there for me…the ones who didn´t give an ish about what I had or didn´t have…the ones that didn´t take advantage of my frame of mind…the ones who called my parents when they could see me about to have a nervous breakdown…

2010 was was crazy year!!

On a musical note, I did manage to record 18 tracks with various Producers…how many of those will make the album, I am yet to decide.


1st Oct 2010 if found myself on a plane to Almeria in a messed up, scared, paranoid & weak state of mind…my dad was at the other end waiting for me. It had now been 6 months without my son…a denied VISA application…& I simply couldn´t fake it anymore…

I prayed & prayed & prayed.

5 days later my son´s father brought him over! The Almighty is the GREATEST!!


5 months later, I sit here in the most beautiful office…opposite my father….working on a vision that he originally created with me, his daughter in mind. It´s called >>> Music Talents

With my family, the environment I´m in & the people I´m around (that I class as family) I can literally see my musical dream unfolding before my very eyes…for the 1st time in my life.

I wanna share every second of it with y´all!!! This is it!!

I´ve hit you with the catch-up today, so Ima let you absorb where I´m coming from…I´ll be back on Monday!!

Have a Blessed weekend…Ima leave you with some ´Sunshine´…

´Sunshine´- LoveSound ft Carlene Graham


C x

7 comments on “Back On The Grind….March 2011

  1. Hey girl, just finished reading your blog and it’s like wowee…you have definitely come through some fire! But they say that is how God purifies his most beloved children just like it is done with precious metal. I love you girl and I am inspired..distance and time has kept us apart but you have a special place in my heart..keep being you babes and keep shining..please say hello to mum and dad for me..peace and love Queen xxxx

    • Harriette, THANK YOU…from the bottom of my heart.
      You have & always will inspire me cuz…from day one you were a shining example of the kind of person I wanted to be most like. I CANT WAIT to see you again!! Mum & dad snd their love & you know you, Adrian & Princess have a home here anytime you´re ready.

      I love you,
      C xxx

    • Brian,

      Thank you so much…as I said to you on FB…I´m gonna do WHATEVER is required to make this dream a reality!! Thank you for your support.

      Much love,
      C xxx

    • Ducie,

      Thank you…means the world big bro, truly.
      It´s about time us (not so) young-uns do the dang thing!! Thank you for showing my family nothing but love when I couldn´t be there myself….you kept my spirits up.

      Much love,
      C xxx

  2. Loving it!

    Your influences… your passion… your spirit! Stay guided and on path… He will/ is lead(ing) u in the right direction ❤

    Stay Blessed C and keep filling us all in 😉


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