Carlene – 5mins 2 Shine Feature ANGIE BROWN



Thank you for your continued…


Surely the end result is more important than the journey, no? LOL

Hello, hi there, I’m Carlene….what’s your name…LMAO!!

If you are just reading my blog for the first time, then welcome to my spot…my world…this platform of expression for all. You’ll ‘get it’ after a few reads!

To all of you die hards out there…RESPECT. For real, I owe y’all the world for coming back on that daily, checking in on me with no quetions asked. Nuff respect.

Now, to answer the big qu: “where are you??”…I AM IN LDN TOWN BABEEE!! I’ve been here (by default!) since 7th April 2010 & lets just say am here until further notice!! Lol

I will break you in easy on my journey over the last 2 months as there is a lot to fathom!

The main thing though is that it’s all love & all vibes…all day…100%.

Back to business…

So…I’m thinking…


5mins 2 Shine

Today’s feature in none other than original UK Diva: ANGIE BROWN

1. What do you do & how well do you do it?

I sing… I love it and I think with all the training I’ve had, (from a teenager till now..) Plus all the work I get from it, I do it really well, enough to be professional. I don’t wanna sound like a bighead, because it is always better to be modest, but think I sing, really quite good.



2. Where do you foresee yourself 12months from today?

I see myself 12 months from today, still singing, hopefully doing a few more TV appearances, maybe some stage performances (like sister Act…dream on Angie!) and 3 stone lighter (42lbs). My boys are 2 and 5, so I have no more excuses. I’ve been working like a doooorrrggg in the gym, and I think deep down, it’ll boost the amount of work I get. Mainly due to feeling good about yourself, and when you feel good, you tend to shine, that little bit more!!!

3. What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

I’ve got loads of memories… This is a quick breakdown… I remember being one years old, and my mum took me to have my photo taken fluffy dress, hair with ribbons and bows.. First day at school aged 5, and the registration day, because I made friends right there and then, as my mum and a couple of the other mums registered their daughters, which I made firm friends with when I actually started school.

I also remember my first day at drama school and college… When my mum and dad split up for 3 months… When I passed my driving test, of my God, I was on a biggest high ever!!!. My wedding day…. Which ended a year after a year!!… Shame!!! But good it ended in the long run, because I went on to date Jay… I clearly remember meeting Jay.. Like the first time I ever saw him in 2000, he was renting a room, from my friend Simon. Jay is my boyfriend now, but when we met I had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend, and so we became friends for a long, long time, had the occasional kiss… And he even came to my wedding…. Which he describes as a shit wedding!!!

A year and 4 months later my marriage disastrously and abruptly ended, and a few months after that, Jay and I got together (big smile on face) and that was nearly 5 years ago. Jay’s has raised and my 1st son Cuba from my first marriage, as his own, and then we were blessed to go on to have Charlie boy. You can see both boys on the facebook.. I’m sure there are even some just been born pics, of one of the boys. When I initially set up facebook… I didn’t think it was about networking, or being glamorous, it was definitely my version of this is your life, so that’s it has a bit of everything!!!

4. Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

If I had the resources to somehow eradicate anything in this world… It would be illness, or so that the ill and poorly people get the help and the treatment they need, even if they are in a really remote part of the planet. This is my logical way of thinking… I think if I’m not ill, then I can somehow, eventually I’ll find a way to earn a living, and hopefully.. (hopefully) feed and support my family. And that’s why I give monthly via direct debit to ‘Care int’. MS and Oxfam & Nspcc… Plus I do loads for Pride events up and down the UK (HIV) … So I can’t help thinking, we need to get peeps better first, then their pride will kick, in and they will have the health and strength to want to make a life for themselves….



5. What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

I’m not gonna be deceitful, and say that I read your blog everyday… Because in truth, I just don’t dedicate too much of my time to the computer at all, and that’s why takes months sometimes, before I get back to people, but that’s also down to being a mum of 2..

But you Carlene… You definitely come across as a ‘no prisoner-taking’, ‘shoot-from-the-hip’ kinda gurrrrrrrrrrrrrll, and I like that. You remind me of my best friend, she is a lot like you, old soul, with a young head, so unlike me, who doesn’t think things through, and blabs allsorts at the wrong time!!! Plus I also like your up-beatishness, on life, and how positive you and your blog feels. Good luck Carlene… Answering your questions was fun!!!

You can reach Angie @:
Angie Brown
Club Diva, Vocalist/Songwriter
House, Disco & Soul Music

For bookings & enquires
Fresh Artists UK
+44 (0)8709 909 216
Find me also on facebook & you tube

Angie’s throwback of the day is: ‘Signed Sealed Delievered’ – Stevie Wonder

With love…My back in the day choooonnn is ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ Stevie Wonder or any Motown choon. This music.. It’s so deep in my memories, of being a kid in South London, on long hot summer days, wearing hot pants, coz I could wear them then, and we’ all go to Margate or Brighton beach. With hot food in a flasks… Containing rice, peas and chicken.. And on the way home.. You mum would let you eat something brought from a shop… (basically not made by her)… Fish and chips….yummy, candy floss and a stick of rock!



Ang, I am bowled over!! You are the TRUTH girl!! You had me cackling from day one…thank you for all of that extra insight we spoke about…it warmed me.

Stay Blessed sis & if you ever fancy a collab…;)

Love C x


See y’all tomorrow…will begin my story regarding my last 2 months activities…breathe Carls, breathe! LOL


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