Carlene – 5mins 2 Shine Feature JUNE SULLIVAN – April



** I REPEAT…**


Wow! This week is off to a banging start already!!

My good friend & amazing Singer / Songwriter David Mensah came to me with an idea yesterday morning, we soon found common ground & are already working on making this a reality…IT’S GENIUS!!

All UK Singers / Rappers / Dancers / Models / Actors & Actresses that wanna be a part of this movement, happening THIS WEEK in LDN, please email David & I ASAP @:


Let us know what you do, provide us with a recent pic & short biog (no life stories please!) & most importantly a MOBILE NUMBER

You will hear from us no later than Thursday 8th April, 2010 with the details.


  • You must be AT LEAST 16yrs old – if younger, we expect an email from your legal guardian(s)
  • You must love London 🙂
  • If you are not London based, you must be prepared to travel to London on the dates we specify for recording / filming…at your own expense
  • Must be passionate about your art
  • No Diva / Divo attitudes please…we’re all trying to make it…keep it humble 😉

This project is all love, so all haters need not apply!

LDN stand up!!


Aries in da house!!



Today’s birthday shout out goes to my stepson Delisle

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY SQUIRT!! Love you baby xx

Also, big ups to my darling Antoine Sohl


such a kind soul…love & light babes xxx

Confirmed upcoming interview

I’m SO excited to be doing a feature on UK Hip Hop artist: TY

‘Wait A Minute’ – Ty

UK talent at it’s best!!

I’m proud to announce Ty’s ‘5mins 2 Shine’ feature on: Saturday 10th April, 2010

Whoop whoop!!

UK bound…

Ok, so after some seeeeeeeerious long ting yesterday, I’ve finally booked my flight to LDN!

I leave NY on Wednesday evening & arrive @ Heathrow @ 7.05am on Thursday morn…rise & shine treacle! I will be around until Wednesday 14th 😉

I’ve got a lot of people to see in lil time…LETS GO!!!!


I forgot today’s throwback of the day!

Today’s selection is: ‘Breakout’ (LIVE) – Swing Out Sister

Happy Daaaaaaayzzzz 🙂

5mins 2 Shine

Today’s feature is:



1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

Well, I’m an events organizer, who has been in the entertainment business since 1986.I’ve worked on all types of shows, concerts and even a few pantomimes. Ranging from Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame, Cinderella, 291 @ Hackney Empire (which was also filmed as 2 six part series for Channel 4 TV), In Celebration of My Sisters stage shows, Afro-Caribbean Leukemia Trust annual Gift of Life balls, Steven Lawrence Charitable Trust annual fundraising event, the launch event for Bishop Desmond Tutu’s book ‘A vision of Hope for our time’ and a launch event for Dr Maya Angelou ‘ A Song Flung Up To Heaven’….amongst many more than I can mention here!

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12months from today?

I’m in the process of joining a new events company, with new partners. We have 3 websites that we are involved with www. (a corporate events company), (a social network and events company) and (which is a video business directory).

So in 12 months time I’m expecting to be extremely tired having worked so hard to get these off the ground LOL! But seriously though, I’m hoping that I’ll have a good presence in the market place for well organized events, executed in a timely fashion by professionals. Up until now all the jobs I’ve taken on have been by referral, I have never advertised for work, but now with partners it’s a different ballgame, and we’ll be using the technology available to us to spread the word about the services we can offer from video production, staging, venue hire, catering, entertainment packages, social networking, business communities and much more. It’s going to be a challenging time, but I’m up for it….I’ve never shied away from hard graft…LOL!

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

I would have to say meeting and working for the legendary Dr Maya Angelou in 2002, she was in the UK to do a series of publicity events. Jon Snow from ITN news presented her, and Moira Stewart interviewed her. I was stage managing the event and there were other acts on the bill. But when Dr Angelou was on stage you could have heard a pin drop. This lady has a presence that’s so hard to describe and she speaks so softly, in measured tones but every word resonates with you like she’s talking to you alone, even if you’re in an auditorium full of people. After the show, Jon Snow was kind enough to invite me to his home for lunch the next day as Dr Angelou was staying at his house. There I was, sitting around a table in Jon Snow’s home with Maya Angelou and six other guests, I couldn’t eat a thing. I was completely awestruck, just listening to the stories she told about Malcolm X, some of which is in the book. She talked about relationships between lovers, generations of family and the love of good friends. I was mesmerized. Even when talking about serious issues she is a very funny woman, she instantly makes people feel at ease.

4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

To eliminate poverty. I think everybody should be entitled to the absolute basics for life, such as clean water, food and shelter with access to healthcare. When you consider what some nations have in abundance and take for granted it’s heartbreaking seeing how others have to suffer just to survive. So if EVERYONE was to give a little something back to help someone else along the chain, no matter how small the effort, it’ll make a difference to someone else’s life, and you in turn will be blessed in the knowledge that you have helped make someone else’s day… that’s an absolutely priceless feeling!



5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

I think this is a fabulous idea, and it’s wonderful for people like me to be able to reach an audience who would not normally have come across me and my work, I work in the background of productions, so we are generally the unsung heroes…the cement that holds an event together, but without it, nothing would stick! So

Carlene, I thank you for this opportunity.

June Sullivan’s throwback of the day is: ‘You Touched My Life’ – Gwen Guthrie

June said: “This song is special to me because I used to work for Gwen as her UK based PA back in the day, and when my Dad died last year, I had it performed live at his funeral service, and it was so poignant there was not a dry eye in the place. So this brings back special memories.”

You can reach out to June @:
All Business Correspondence Replies to:
June Sullivan
Talent 4 Art
6 Station Terrace
London NW10 5RT
Tel: 07976 257 001


Juuuuuuune! I met you back in 1996 when I was 15yrs old & you gave me my first chance to shine at The Hackney Empire! 🙂 You are a wonderful wonderful soul June, who’s mission since I’ve known you has always been to help the next person & help them shine…always taking very little credit. An inspiration to me.

I can’t wait to see you next week for our McD’s catch up…I’m travelling with Amari y’all so a wine bar on this occasion is out of the question!…Lol

Love you babes xxx

Today is gonna entail doing my hair, nails, laundry, packing (fun fun fun!) & then later, Delisle’s birthday dinner at my fav restaurant in NJ – Tops Diner can’t wait!!

Love you guys…please keep hittin’ up my spot…I am eternally grateful.

C x


2 comments on “Carlene – 5mins 2 Shine Feature JUNE SULLIVAN – April

  1. Carlene,

    We go back a long way, and you have never forgotten me. I really have watched you grow into an inimitable force. You’re an amazing woman with an awesome talent for singing, and I’m honoured to be in your circle.

    Thanks again for this opportunity of 5 mins to shine, it’s a great concept.
    Love you much, always xx

  2. Wow June,

    That means the world coming from you…I will ALWAYS consider you damn near family!

    Can’t wait to see what God’s got in store for us collectively 😉

    Much love & Stay Blessed,

    C x

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