Carlene – 5mins 2 Shine Feature PARIS CESVETTE – April


4000 hits +

Y’all are going innnnnnnn!! I’m starting to feel a little bit special…& I ain’t gonna front, I’m loving the hype! 🙂 Give me a minute & I’ll sort myself out! He he 🙂

This blog seems like the natural progression for me to take in life as it combines my love of writing with my personality & one of the things I love to do the most: TALK!! 🙂

Had a relaxing weekend…my plans for first thing in the morn is to book my flight to LDN! Me & my lil man are up, up & away this week…whoop whoop!…I can’t wait to visit home again.

I’ll be staying with my homegirl / sis / new artist I’m managing…Hafiza fellas, ain’t she a stunna!! Y’all better be ready for her launch, it’s gonna smack you in the face!! I WARNED YA!

Will announce LDN travel deets when I get them! Need to get an events page up on FB me thinks, it’s gonna be an insaaaaane trip! I’m over to work & play so anyone wanting to do a session or interview whilst I’m there, hollaaaaaaaaaa!! All my LDN peeps…shall we try a universal drinks ting or rave?? Answers on a postcard…hollaaaaa.

Do I sing?

Just because YOU may have sussed it out by now, it doesn’t mean that everyone else has, & believe it or not, I get asked on a daily: “…are you a singer?” >>> YES I AM!!

You can here a selection of my music here >>> & here >>>

A highlight of my career??? Hmmmm….how about this! >>> 45secs in RED HAIR!!!

That day was surreal, mainly because exactly 20yrs before (aged 4) I watched Madonna perform ‘Holiday’ at the very same benefit concert! Madness….

Throwback of the day

Hands down today!

I Wonder’ – Luther Vandross

SO many memories 🙂 This song brings me joy & makes me skin teet hard!!

RIP Luther – you were truly an elite performer. Thank you for keeping my musical company.

And forgive me all you Aaliyah fans out there. On Saturday’s blog, I forgot to say:

RIP Aaliyah – such a beautiful angel. You are dearly missed.

Aries in da house!!

Today’s birthday shout out goes to my sis Jakeya Sanders

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS…LOVE YOU!! 🙂 “wicked!!”…”phenomenal!!”…”you’re a mess!!”



5mins 2 Shine

Today’s feature is:




1) What do you do & how well do you do it?

I make music of the sexy and deep kind and how well do I do it?? Hmmm…well I feel sexy on a regular and more than frequent basis so I’m definitely doing something right!!

2) Where do you forsee yourself 12months from today?

In WMC 2011…by then I’ll be old enough 😦 FAIL !!!! AND my sexy sounds dominating brederins ears…LMAO

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

When Cadbury’s Creme Eggs came back on the shelves this February and how I put on all the weight that I lost the lil ****!!…It’s a love hate relationship!

And the start of 2010…a beautiful year it has been so far.



4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

I would introduce freedom of change in travel. If I want to go to a country or I want someone to be here, I shouldn’t have to be interrogated like I’m about to blow up a chocolate factory!!

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

It’s one of the most funky, sexy blogs out there and a great read! Gwan babygirl, I love you xx

Paris Cesvette’s throwback of the day is:
‘Tourist In Paradise’ – The Rippingtons

You can reach Paris Cesvette @:

(Also, Paris would like to promote the following…)

“I GET TO PLUG!!! now you asking for it C!!…lol”

Please check out all my music here:

A couple of Mixes

http://parismamaofhouse.podoma 17T04_22_11-08_00.mp3 ijc2jf

My Top Ten index.php?act=show&fc=tpage& cr=titles&cv=50209

Paris…maaaaan, what can I say!! This girl is a supreme grinder…I’ve just recently joined that club! Love your energy P, you know this already 🙂 Keep making those hit’s girl.

Also, y’all need to look out for: ‘Go The Distance’ – Paris Cesvette ft Carlene Graham it’s gonna be released on Abicahsoul Recordings soooooon!

Peace & love Paris…love you babygirl xxx

That’s all for now peeps…y’all are the truth…thanks again 😉

C x


Wow! This week is off to a banging start already!!

My good friend & amazing Singer / Songwriter David Mensah came to me with an idea this morning, we soon found common ground & are already working on making this a reality…IT’S GENIUS!!

All UK Singers / Rappers / Dancers / Models that wanna be a part of this movement, happening THIS WEEK in LDN, please email David & I @:


Let us know what you do, provide us with a recent pic & short biog (no life stories please!) & most importantly a MOBILE NUMBER.

You will hear from us no later than Thursday 8th April, 2010 will the details.


  • You must be AT LEAST 16yrs old – if younger, we expect an email from your legal guardian(s)
  • You must love London 🙂
  • If you are not London based, you must be prepared to travel to London on the dates we specify for recording / filming…at your own expense
  • Must be passionate about your art
  • No Diva / Divo attitudes please…we’re all trying to make it…keep it humble 😉

This project is all love, so all haters need not apply!

LDN stand up!!


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  2. Yo babygirl thanks for the shout out boo!!! love ya and see you in less than 48 hours homie this is UNREAL!!!!!!!!! love ya boo XXXXX

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