Carlene – Feature CHARLEY ANDERSON April



It’s April!

Wow…1st quarter done bwoy…ah wah di! Lol

I have got SO many Birthday shout outs to do this month, it’s crazy!!

The first one goes out to my homegirl  sister Milly who’s Birthday is today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILLY…hope you have a wonderful day! Love from me, Fattzz & Amari xxx

My new layout

I hope y’all are navigating your way around the site ok. I know that it was becoming a long ting scrolling down for miles just to get to the daily update! You guys made my blog so hype, so quickly that we had to do something quick style to get things in order for this month. We didn’t want y’all to start leaving because it was becoming too time consuming to see what’s going on in my world! Hope this helps 😉

For those of you elevated minds wondering who ‘we’ is…it’s my dad!! He is my Website Administrator.

This whole blog is his idea.


He & my mother live in Almeria, Spain. This will be their 6th year. They run a music bar called The Caribbean Breezer…you’re actually on their website so have a look around 🙂
My dad is a bit of a whizz on the computer & designed this whole site. On his Birthday (11th March) he presented the blog idea to me & told me it would take 1 hour to set me one up! After absolutely no deliberation & agreed. I started this blog on 12th March, 2010 & never looked back. 20 days later….

So people, please show my mum & dad some love…don’t be shy!



I admire, respect & love you both very much xxx

New Discovery

So I’m on Twitter & I see a post from Rodney Jerkins asking us to check out his new girl group PURPLE REIGN…so I did & this is one of the videos I found

‘Say My Name’ – Purple Reign

I think that these girls have a lot of potential & are gonna go all the way…don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

Throwback of the day

‘Respectable’ – Mel & Kim

RIP Mel…thank you both for shining a light on the UK music scene.

5mins 2 Shine

Today’s feature is:


1) What do you do & how well do you do it

Play Bass well enough, play guitar well enough, keyboard well, can hold down a good Skank rhythm, vocals…well judge for yourself when you hear the music. I performed so many shows, I sing so much can’t tell anymore; prefer the instrumentals after a long studio session.

Producing, writing and constructing music … I enjoy this part, the magic of the final mix getting everything just right in your mind. May not be the best to others… but self satisfaction is the key…to know when to say this is it done, basta. How well I do these things…I don’t really know, I let other people judge my work…when I release music, I am always in doubt so I wait for the reaction from the critics, the people who are going to listen and buy the music.  The fans more important than anything…They kept us going for 30 years, so we must have done something right 😉

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12months from today?

Haven’t gone that far yet, the year just started, I am finalizing a CD project at the moment, a live show recorded in Coventry City to celebrate the reunion of 4 Selecter: Noel Davis, Charles H. Bembridge, Arthur Gaps Hendrickson, and I.

The Charley & friends show live on Stage first time in 28 years. We did some songs from the Selecter Set; one now playing on radio in Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Sweden, France, Australia, Ireland, Doncaster, Yeovil, Pembrokeshire, Coventry Hillfield Hillz 98.6 fm 😉 Jamaica etc. Radio promotion at the moment not released yet. James Bond is a special for The Selecter fans 7 minutes long, epic production…like the movie.

A special thank you to the fans for celebrating 30 years of too Much Pressure.  After I finish the mix, promotion time, then ready to go live shows!

3) What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

Jamaica year 0 to 10 made me what I am today. The music is still in my head just about got it soaked up in my brain. Now some is coming out, listen to the latest: James Bond The  Selecter and express what you think on the Selecter Official Members Page on Facebook.

All this led to The Selecter and the formation of 2Tone a success in the 1979-80’ies with Ska Reggae Music imported or sent from the Caribbean on planes and Boats to England…somehow we all ended up in Coventry teaching the local guys how to pump Reggae with keyboard…mixed up with their Rock style this made the fusion 2Tone Ska. Coventry meet Jamaica, St Kitts, Barbados!

Now 30 years later 2Tone Specials and Selecter has not gone away. Its bigger than ever now international…

The Selecter Celebrates 30 Years of Too Much Pressure 1980-2010.



4) Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

Mmm…I would put together the Emergency Army Response Team Helpers (EARTH) for disaster people from all Nations.

We would have, personal experts in disaster areas, medical teams with field hospitals. Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Builders…with the knowledge of how to remove demolish rubble with  heavy lifting. Equipment: helicopters, small inflatable boats, aircraft carrier stocked with nutritious imperishable food,  desalination equipment to make water, small, medium and large generators, thousand of tents, cooking pots, water bottles in stock  for emergency operations.

Imagine what this team could have done for the recent disasters we are seeing now. We are going to need this for the future, I feel it now.



5)   What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

Very Good!! Keep up the steady Blogging.  Readers love to see u all one day at a show  Charley & Carlie Live 😉

Charley Anderson’s throwback of the day

Skatalites : ROLAND ALPHONSO – 1993

You can reach out to Charley Anderson @:
The Selecter Official Members Page

After performing around the world to promote humanitarian causes, Charley Anderson is now promoting his new smash hit “Ghetto Child” (featuring Carlos Garnett on Sax & the Rapper Se7en delivering the World Hunger Rap), the first single to be released from the forthcoming album, “Zero Time Project”, a mix of popular beats infused with Reggae sounds. The Zero Time Project is dedicated to eradicating hunger and child under nutrition, disease, ignorance and many of the oppressions mounting against the world’s youth and misfortunate. With the music and message created through the Zero Time Project, Charley Anderson hopes to end as much of the suffering throughout the world before it’s too late.

You can help Charley to achieve his mission here >>>

This man is family to me…my Uncle Charley 🙂 I see you still call me Carlie…I love it!!

Thanks so much for taking time out to do this for me, I know you have been doing this for a long time & you still greatly inspire me today. Thank you, C x

Confirmed interviews!

Y’all better be ready for Comedian AG WHITE who has recently been seen on the new HBO comedy series ‘P Diddy Presents: The Bad Boys Of Comedy’ out now on DVD…this dude is FUNNY!! Wait til you hear the Jamaican accent!!

Look out for AG WHITE’S ‘5mins 2 Shine’ feature on: Wednesday 14th April, 2010

Y’all remember this song??

‘I’m Gonna Get You’ – Bizarre Inc featuring Angie Brown

Memories right! Well Angie is the ORIGINAL UK DIVA in my opinion & inspired me to really go for it with the singing.

Well….look out for ANGIE BROWN’S ‘5mins 2 Shine’ feature on: Thursday 15th April, 2010 its a really juicy read! 🙂 Thank you Miss Angie…love you girl xx

More dates for the diary….

Ok, so I wanted to let you know about a couple of upcoming events that my people’s are having.

Firstly, meet my homegirl Rokafella the original, visionary, performer, mentor and b-girl master!

She’s gonna be heading over to the UK on Friday 2nd April, 2010 to blow up the UK scene with what she does best…she will also be premiering her film All The Ladies Say’



Rokafella’s website

Also my homie  Orikl As Salaam is will be live in NYC on Saturday 8th May, 2010 @ Uncle Mike’s



**These are two events not to be missed…much love to you both xx

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