Carlene – 5mins 2 Shine Feature DAN-SEAN McCORMICK (Ducie McFly) March



My ideal….

In my ideal world Jamaica is my paradise…in my real world, Newark it is!

My day

Was chilled…got some sleep…caught jokes with my lil man. Had to braid his hair tonight…oh gosh, CHALLENGE!!



Throwback of the day

‘Zungguzungguguzungguzeng’ – Yellowman

I used to drive my parents CRAZY with this album…wow…memories!! Lol

5mins 2 Shine

Today’s feature is:



1)What do you do & how well do you do it?

I’m well versed in many areas. I’m what you would call a renaissance man. I love putting my all into everything from cleaning to singing; getting my hands dirty you know.

2) Where do you foresee yourself 12months from today?

Twelve months from now, I’d be more successful than I am today. That’s where I see myself. Comfortable.

3)What was one of the most memorable times in your life?

One of the most memorable times in my life was when a gang of us in my family, went on this bus ride sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club, to Disneyland. They rented the cheapest bus…that broke down on the way there, and it took us longer than expected. Naturally, parents were flipping out, it seemed, all the way to Florida. Overall, it was a hood-tastic experience!

4)Given the resources, what one change would you make in the world & why?

One change I would make in the world would be the state of the homeless. As per The World Richest Countries, the US is the richest country, so I do not see how we could endure homelessness the way we do.

5) What do you think of my daily blog? (Message for my readers)

I think your daily blog represents the person you are in raw form. You’re going to touch on areas where others are afraid to. No additives. No preservatives. Much success to you! x

Dan’s throwback song of the day is:

‘Get Money’ – Junior Mafia

You can reach out to Dan McCormick @:


Thanks so much bro!! Ducie is my brother via DJ Fattzz He is one talented soul that the world needs to know…Stay Blessed bro. C x

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